Teens Against Cancer


Emily Mangione

Teens Against Cancer is a newly founded fundraising group to raise money for cancer research. Stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events in the future.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

Plant High School junior Ryan Lamont, and Robinson High School junior, Aiden Nguyen have created an organization passionate about raising money to support the research for pancreatic cancer. The group, Teens Against Cancer, is striving to get more teens involved in fundraising events and volunteer opportunities for the cause.  

On Jan. 21, 2023, the local teens organized a car wash at Advanced Auto Parts in South Tampa to bring awareness to the cause. Throughout the four hours of scrubbing and drying cars, Teens Against Cancer exceeded their expectations in receiving donations.  

Besides this new organization, Ryan Lamont participates in fundraising for cancer research by speaking at the PanCan (the pancreatic cancer walk) every April to create a sense of community for those affected by the illness.  

 “I started this organization to raise money for cancer research. I have personally been affected by cancer, so I wanted to raise money and awareness to one day hopefully find a cure for cancer,” Lamont said. 

 Through putting together this new organization Lamont and his friends are surpassing expectations by doing everything in their power to generate donations and sending 100% of the profits to cancer research.  

Teens Against Cancer’s fundraiser for February is a bake sale consisting of delicious desserts to give to Tampa residents in the hope of receiving donations from the treats. 

 “The most important thing people should know about this nonprofit is our mission. We are trying to raise money to benefit cancer patients. We hope that the money we raise can help to finally achieve a cure for this deadly disease,” Lamont said. 

 The fight against cancer is a tireless battle with many ups and downs. Not giving up and staying strong with the help of specialists, friends, family, and the community surrounding you assists in overcoming the illness. Without generous donations, it would be even more difficult to get closer to a cure. That is why every penny helps in causes like this. 

 Our local teens are volunteering their hours on the weekends in the hope of becoming one step closer to discovering a cure. Join Teens Against Cancer to help the organization reach its goal and make a difference in patient’s lives. 

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