Super Bowl 57: Playoffs and Predictions


Lizzy Breen

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off Sunday, Feb. 12 in Arizona for the annual Superbowl. Fans across the nation are already placing bets and predicting outcomes, hoping their choice team will come out on top.

The Super bowl is coming up on Sunday, Feb. 12, in Arizona. Surrounding by thousands of screaming fans, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will be facing off in the 57 annual bowl game. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be fighting to regain his Super bowl title after winning the 2021 game with Coach Andy Reid. The Eagles, led by Jalen Hurts, have also faced recent success after winning the 2018 Super bowl but haven’t returned to the final playoffs since. Many Plant students are excited about the upcoming event and have already decided on who they think will win.

“I’m going to say the Eagles. Mahomes isn’t one hundred percent, and the Eagles have an insane offensive line, a mobile quarterback, and elite receivers,” says senior Jack Bricklemyer.

Bricklemyer and many other students have been commenting on Mahomes recent injury, a high ankle sprain in his game against the Jacksonville Jaguars two weeks ago. However, this past weekend the Chiefs faced the Cincinnati Bengals with Mahomes in the lead and took the victory to secure their place in the Super bowl finals. I think the Eagles will try to take advantage of the quarterback’s recent sprain by forcing him to run consistently and by putting pressure on the offensive line. This could prove fatal for the Chiefs if the Eagles maintain a strong defense and aggressive play calls.

“I think the Eagles will win the Super bowl because Jalen Hurts has been very impressive this year being undefeated at the beginning of the season, and they have a great roster. I also think their defense is a lot better than the Chiefs defense which will play a big part in the final game,” senior Lindsey Dellegatto says regarding the Eagles.

Dellegatto has played flag football at Plant all four years of high school and can see where a team struggles and excels. She predicts the Eagles pulling through for their fan base at the conclusion of the 2022-23 NFL season, being driven by Hurts and his offense. She is also rooting for a large-scale victory over Kansas City, who she believes has had plenty of recent success. The Super bowl is a nationally watched and anticipated event, bringing many American football fans together. Be sure to watch on Sunday, Feb. 12.