Lacrosse is Back


Sophia Gray

As the new year starts at full swing, so does spring sports including girls lacrosse. Falling at regionals last year the team shares some unfinished business they plan to complete this season.

As conditioning progresses and new members get tapped, lacrosse season takes over as one of the spring sports. Players prepare to rival the toughest teams in the state. A few seniors were interviewed about what they were excited for this upcoming season.

Seniors and Captains Anna Castro and Alex Gillen share what they feel the future holds for them this final season.

What have you done to prepare for the season?

Anna- To prepare for senior season, I’ve really focused on what inspires me—former and current teachers, my parents, and my Faith. I draw strength from those I look up to with the hopes of leading and motivating others in my own way.

Alex- I typically like to prepare for the season by going on runs and doing some wall ball to refresh my stick work. It also helps that we have our pre-season conditioning and practice starting in October and ending right before the season starts.

What inspires you to play lacrosse?

Anna- Aside from the people closest in my life that inspire me every day, I often think back to my first time picking up a lacrosse stick. I remember the pure joy I had all those years ago, getting my first glimpse of what the sport would soon mean to me! I see that same excitement in all of my teammates—I want to play for them!

Alex – I am constantly inspired by the people that I am surrounded by at lacrosse. I truly love everyone on my team and I have grown to become so attached to the sport for that reason. I continue playing everyday for them and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What has been your favorite moment on the team?

Anna- My favorite moment on the team has definitely been the district game each year. It’s incredible to see all that we’ve worked for come into play in the games that mean the most! each one of us plays our hearts out and, regardless of the outcome of the game, we walk away knowing we left it all on the field. It’s such a special experience!

Alex – My favorite moment on our team this far was one of our practices after Spring Break when we all kind of lost our mojo. Our coaches set up silly obstacle courses where we would compete for dollar store tiaras and I HAVE NEVER seen our team so competitive! It was a great way for our team to unify again during our long season and continue pushing through and reminding us of the joy we have at practices.

What do you expect for this upcoming season?

Anna- I look forward to the hard work and dedication that will come this season! We’re starting strong with some great themes and even better intensity, excited to grow not only as players, but also as people. I can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish!

Alex – I’m excited for our upcoming season because we have a lot of new players and our relationships have grown a lot stronger. In terms of lacrosse I hope to see our team go as far as possible while also maintaining our love for the sport and getting better each day.

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