Restaurants to Visit for Valentine’s Day


Bella Mangione

Restaurants are a key component of a Valentine’s date. Don’t forget to make your reservations.

#1 Olivia 

Olivia is located on Swann Ave, and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it offers sharable portions of food. It is also classified as a fancy restaurant, so you and your significant other can dress up for the date. Olivia has a wide range of Italian food. Some examples include Mini Rigatoni, Halibut, and Truffle Mac and Cheese. 

#2 Ulele 

Ulele is an excellent option for a Valentine’s Day date because of the activities you can do after, given its location. The restaurant is right on the Riverwalk, which can lead you to Armature Works or Curtis Hixon Park, which almost always has a festival or celebration to visit. Ulele also has fantastic food. Their menu mainly focuses on seafood like oysters, shrimp, and calamari; however, they also have hamburgers and sandwiches like the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich. 

#3 Casa Santo Stefano 

Similar to Ulele, Casa Santo Stefano is in a convenient spot because it is down the street from Ybor City, which has many other restaurants and shops to visit. Casa Santo Stefano specializes in Sicilian food, and everything on their menu comes from a family recipe. For example, their Gnocchi Sorrentina has house-made tomato sauce. 

#4 Timpano 

Timpano is an Italian restaurant located in Hyde Park, across the street from Goody Goody. It has recently been renovated and now has a garden feel to the restaurant’s interior, with plants and vines hanging from the ceiling and pastel colors decorating the inside. Since it is located in Hyde Park, there are many things to do after, like make a candle at candle pour or paint pottery at Color Me Mine. 

#5 Iavarones 

Iavarones is one of the more expensive options on the list; it is located north on Humphrey Street, right off Himes. Their food is one of my favorites in Tampa. Iavarones mainly has portions of pasta, but they also have salads, soups, seafood, and steaks as well. I recommend the Pasta Iavarone; it has tomatoes, mushrooms and a red sauce with goat cheese. 

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