Breaking Down the Outer Banks Trailer


Bella Mangione

On Feb. 23 the new season of Outer Banks will be released on Netflix. The trailer contains many insights into what the third season would include with a main focus on Kiara.

On Feb. 2, Netflix released the official trailer for season 3 of Outer Banks. The release date of the new season is Feb. 23, which needs to come faster. Since the last season (season 2) ended with the group of friends stranded on an unknown island in the Caribbean, fans have been left on a cliffhanger wondering how the Pogues will get off the island and retrieve their treasure. 

Every season so far has focused on a different character. Season 1 was John B, season 2 was Pope, and I think season 3 will be centered around Kiara. In the trailer, you can see the Pogues walking, and Kiara is not in the group. Furthermore, the official Outer Banks Instagram account posted many pictures from scenes, including Kiara in a long dress by herself. Among other pictures, there is one where JJ and Kiara are standing close, and he is holding her bracelet on her wrist. This picture gives Jiara (JJ and Kiara) fans like Emily Mangione hope for a future relationship between the two. 

Junior Emily Mangione said, “In season 3, I hope to see JJ and Kiara become a couple. I feel like a lot of fans of the show have been predicting it since season 1, and I think the show writers have been building up to them finally having their moment.” 

In addition, Rafe and Ward’s loyalty towards each other is very strong and is shown through previous scenes like Rafe helping his father hide a dead body and Ward taking the fall for Rafe when he murdered the sheriff. However, in the new trailer, there is a clip where Rafe holds Ward against a wall and says,” I don’t need you anymore.” This may foreshadow Ward’s defeat because, with both Sarah and now Rafe not on his side, all he has left is his wife, Rose and younger daughter, Wheezie. 

Also, in the trailer, John B finally meets his father after believing that Ward killed him this whole time. So Big John (John B’s father) may be one of the newest recruits into the Pogues and could be a key component in finding the new treasure- El Dorado. 

The trailer gives little detail about the new treasure, which is called El Dorado. All viewers know is that it is worth more than the gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo, which is what they were fighting for in the previous season. 

It would be a better plot line if the Pogues finally had the treasure and got the money from it rather than taking on a new treasure hunt each season without obtaining the gold from the previous season. 

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