Reviewing Fashion Trends


Emily Mangione

Fashion is everywhere in our lives, and new trends are on the rise. From Uggs to headbands, fashion is changing in some stylish and not-so-stylish ways.

#1- Low-waisted pants 

As seen in the last couple of years, high-waisted pants have been all the rave for teens. Jeans are a staple piece in everyone’s closet because they are versatile. Jeans are perfect for a night out, paired with a fancy top, or for a classier look worn to meetings and concerts. However, low-rise jeans have dominated the runway lately and many influencers are jumping on the trend. I wouldn’t say I like the look of low-rise jeans and find them uncomfortable to wear.  

#2- Corsets 

Corsets are a trend I will be joining in on. The look of wearing a corset with stylish pants, or a mini skirt is a perfect go-to outfit for a fancy dinner and going out with friends. Corsets have been displayed at the Met Gala and in several popular TV shows. Corsets are especially common in the Tampa Bay area during the weeks leading up to Gasparilla since they are perfect for pirate costumes. Corsets are very versatile and a good staple piece to have in your possession in case an event pops up. 

#3- Headbands 

As seen on some celebrities and featured on Pinterest and Instagram, headbands are making their way back into everyday fashion. A couple of different headband styles are becoming common to see in public. The first kind is the athletic headband explicitly worn during the winter to help stay warm. They are also used for workouts to keep the hair out of your face and block sweat. The other kind is more stylish and used for fancier outfits. These headbands are worn for going out and holding the purpose of a hair accessory without an actual function except to add sparkles and to spice up an outfit.   

#4- Flared Leggings 

Flared leggings are on the rise in popularity, especially those from LuLu Lemon. Customers purchase flared leggings to add more style to their everyday workout outfit. I think flared leggings are best worn on people with longer legs rather than short ones since the flared bottoms add extra material that would look too baggy on people on the shorter side. However, flared leggings have a fun twist on basic leggings and can look stylish if paired with the right top and shoes. 

#5- Uggs 

This is my favorite trend that is rising in popularity. Uggs are back and better than ever! Uggs is a shoe brand that produces comfortable boots and slippers that have taken over the halls of Plant High School. Uggs come in numerous styles and colors, each lined with fleece on the inside, keeping your feet warm and cozy. I recommend purchasing a pair of your own and experiencing the comfort of Uggs for yourself.