Plant Softball at Disney: The Need for Team Spirit


Lizzy Breen

The Plant softball team was recently given a chance to spend the day at Disney ahead of a challenging spring schedule. The team says they feel more bonded and connected after such an exciting trip.

Lizzy Breen, Staffer

Saturday, Feb. 4, the Plant Panther Softball team went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for a team bonding experience. The Panthers have been practicing for over a week in preparation for a challenging spring schedule, and sophomore Alexis Richards decided to surprise the team with the day trip. Richard’s father, Kevin Richards, does web design for Disney and took the Panthers last year in April. Since the trip, the Panthers have felt more bonded than ever, which prompted Richards to surprise the team again.  

“Going to Disney with my softball team was so much fun. We went to develop a stronger bond between our team and create memories. We formed new friendships and came closer together as a team,” Richards said.  

Many other players felt the trip brought them together. With such a large gap between the oldest and youngest athletes, bonding experiences like this can make or break a team. Success often lies in trusting each other, something the Panthers have had to discover over many seasons together.  

“Bonding with the team outside of practice is so important because you get to become closer with girls that you might not have known before. Hanging out outside of practice or games builds your friendship and trust with the girls and will benefit when you are on the field,” Luciani said.  

Senior Lauren Luciani understands the importance of team trust and is thankful for opportunities such as a day at Disney with her teammates. Park hopping between Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom gave the Panthers a chance to spend that quality time together. 

“Walking around Disney and going on all of the rides with my teammates was so much fun, and I am so glad we went,” Richards said.  

Team bonding is an experience many teams try to cultivate, and the Panther softball team is glad to have been given a chance to make new memories together before the season kicks into full swing.