Best Places to Online Shop


Bella Johnson

Clothes are an everyday item worn by everyone, all ages great and small. Clothes can be used as self-expression of one’s personality and style.

Clothes. Jewelry. Bags. Shoes. All of this and more is available at your fingertips. How you ask? Online shopping of course! 

Online shopping has been a new emergence in the 21st century that has taken Gen Z by storm. Stores such as American Eagle, Lululemon, Anthropologie, and Free People, have expanded their brands to the electronic world.  

Many Plant students believe that online shopping is better than in-person and has become their preferred form of shopping due to the convenience. But the real question is, where is the best place to online shop?  

Sophomore, Emily Keim has her opinion. 

“My favorite place to online shop is Free People,” Keim said. “Because I feel like their clothes are so astonishingly cute and their sale section is perfect.” Keim also liked that Free People is a long-lasting clothing brand that is worth the investment. Keim also mentioned the brand “Urban Outfitters”, and she said she liked their wide variety of choices online as opposed to in-person. 

Keim’s fellow sophomore, Lola Wagers, says differently. 

“I like shopping at Brandy Melville,” Wagers said. “They don’t have a store near Tampa so it’s easier to order online.” Wagers also emphasized that she likes the fit and style of the clothing.  

Wagers informed that another reason she enjoys shopping online are the customer reviews that one can read. She said it has helped her make some decisions when shopping.  

Tagged below are the websites mentioned by both students. 

Emily’s Choice 

Lola’s Choice