New season of Outerbanks


Sienna Harrison

The Outer Banks’ Pogues consistently spent their first two television seasons on the run, and the upcoming season three now promises similar physical challenges. The trailer shows John B (Chase Stokes) and his friends scrambling across rugged hills, scurrying away from enemies and battling it out in more than one brawl. Of course, the Pogues aren’t the only ones constantly on their feet; someone must chase them, and the rival kooks keep in shape too.

Sienna Harrison, Staffer

“Outer Banks” season three is coming out on February 23. The new trailer shows a glimpse of John B’s next treasure hunt. The question is how Big John (Charles Halford), who we know is alive, will be involved in the new season. The last time we saw the Pogues in Outer banks Season two finale, they were chasing after the coveted Cross of Santo Domingo. They didn’t get their hands on the prize, but they did escape.  

“Outer Banks” season three’s trailer wastes no time sharing what the Pogues will search for next, but it will be challenging. If we know anything about the Kooks, they’ll do anything to get their hands on treasure. The trailer shows a long-awaited moment: John B sees Big John.  

Everything starts looking suitable for the Pogue, despite being stranded on an island. It’s all coconuts and palm trees until we see the car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and danger in store for the OBX friends. Netflix announced new cast members joining the following season. Andy McQueen plays Carlo Singh, described as “a ruthless Carribean Don on a treasure hunt of his own.” McQueen will be joined by Lou Ferrigno Jr., who plays Singh’s top security officer. Season three will also star Fiona Palomo as Sofia, who Netflix says is a” self-identified Pogue who forms a close connection to Rafe.” In addition to Chase Stokes, all the series regulars are returning for “Outer Banks” season three.  

Cleo( Carlacia Grant) went from potential villain to newest member of the Pogues after helping them escape in the Season two finale.” She has so many assets for the Pogue’s that so many of us wish we could do. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes,” Stokes told Entertainment weekly.  

The director also confirmed that the teens “are not going to give up going after the gold” next season. The treasure hunt will expand, and the mythology around the treasure hunt will evolve and get deeper.