Plant Baseball Hits into Their Home-Opener


Bella Johnson

Senior, Hamilton Lee, prepares to hit during the Durant v. Plant game of the year. The final score was 4-2, Panthers.

The Plant Panthers had their home-opener against the Durant Cougars on Monday, Feb. 20th. The Panthers had just come off a win against the Jesuit Tigers the previous Tuesday led by head coach, Dennis Braun. 

During the first inning, one of the nine seniors, Jack Meade was on base and batter, Robert Satin hit a single. Sophomore, Matthew Midyett was substituted in as runner. Meade later scored in the inning, as well as Midyett, leaving the score 2-0, Panthers. 

Meade stated “I really enjoyed them game. It got a little bit tight at the end but I liked that it was a home game.” 

The Panthers didn’t score again until the bottom of the third inning. Both Midyett as well as number 42, Bryce Pelleriti, scored, leaving the score at 4-0, Panthers. 

“I really enjoyed playing this game, I just wish I had played better but there is always next game” Strayer said. 

During the fifth inning, Durant scored for the first time in the game. The Cougars had one run in the fifth, leaving the score at 4-1. 

During the sixth, Durant scored again, this time a home run. The score at the time was 4-2. 

The score remained the same for the rest of the game. The Panthers defeated the Durant Cougars, 4-2. 

The Panthers current are undefeated this year, with a 1-0 record and a preseason win. 

The next home game for the Plant Baseball team is this upcoming Thursday at seven pm. 

Tagged below is the link to purchase tickets. 

Below are the stats, roster, and more for the Plant 22-23 Baseball Team.