Top 5 New Songs of Feb. 2023


Sydney Appleton

Each month, artists and musicians release new songs that grow into hits over time. To learn more about the hits of Feb. 2023, continue reading.

Whether it’s playing from your car on your morning commute or coming from the quiet speakers in grocery stores, music is constantly surrounding us and our lives. Its prevalent role in our lives allows for songs and tunes to constantly be played. Sometimes, it feels like music is growing in popularity.  

Musicians and artists have been working to feed this popularity by constantly releasing new singles and albums. No matter the genre, chances are there is a new song out for that style.  

The top five songs of the month of Feb. proved this idea true, as they included pop, country, alternative, and R&B songs.  

Starting at number 5, is SZA’s “Snooze.” SZA released her new album, SOS, in December 2022. So far, the album has been streamed over 170 million times since the release.  

Fourth on the list is Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers.” The new hit has sparked great amounts of attention, as rumors began to come out upon the release that Cyrus wrote the song about her ex, Liam Hemsworth. This rumor has not been proven, but the couple did have a falling out and divorced in late 2020.  

Third, SZA takes the title again. Her hit “Kill Bill” was also released on her SOS album. The heartbreak balad expresses the anger she feels towards her ex by stating, “if I cant have you no one should. I might kill my ex.”  

Second on the list is “Boys a liar.” The song gained fame via social media platforms like Tik Tok. Users have been creating popular videos while playing the song in the background. To learn more about which songs made the top five and to listen to them, check out the Spotify playlist below.  

For the first place winner, popular country singer Morgan Wallen takes the lead with his new song, “Last Night.” From his album, One Thing at a Time, the song reflects on previous romantic relationships that Wallen has experienced. He sings, “no way it was our last night.” 

To learn more and listen to the songs that made the top 5 for the month of Feb., click on the Spotify Playlist below.  

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