The Latest on the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Sydney Appleton

The issue of the coronavirus has been prevalent in our society for almost three years now. Scroll to learn more about the most recent information about how the pandemic started.

The three-year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is quickly approaching and new data continues to surface pertaining to how the issue began. Various rumors, hoaxes, and false claims have been made over this time period that utters how this issue arose, including that the coronavirus began from a bat, in a lab, or because of a government-plotted revenge tactic. However, the claim relating to a lab has been proven increasingly true each day because of the data scientists, doctors, and researchers are stumbling upon.  

Earlier this week, professionals from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other investigative agencies from the United States made statements confirming that no final conclusions have been made, but their findings point to the idea that the coronavirus strain that took over the globe originated from a laboratory mishap in Wuhan, China involving an animal.  

However, China quickly debunked this claim from the U.S. They do not believe the COVID-19 pandemic started from a “lab leak,” nor a mishap that occurred in China.  

This “lab leak” supposedly involved an animal who became infected in the lab, and then spread rapidly to people throughout China. Because of international travel, the virus easily spread to other countries and before the globe knew it, a pandemic was taking over.  

One reason researchers find this scenario to be the most probable cause of the issue is because this has happened in previous years with different viruses and diseases. The Bubonic Plague pandemic resulted from rodents and cats, and HIV can be traced back to chimpanzees.  

Scientists, doctors, and researchers continue to work towards finding conclusions to these claims each day, as well as find more reliable evidence that can help bring peace to the minds of everyone globally who have been living through a pandemic for over 1000 days.