Ranking Iconic Outfits


Emily Mangione

Throughout the decades, there have been countless jaw-dropping outfits, from movie costumes to red-carpet dresses. Keep reading for some of the most iconic looks.

Emily Mangione , Opinions Editor

1. Cher’s “Clueless” Yellow Plaid Outfit 

This iconic outfit comprises a yellow plaid skirt and jacket, a bright yellow sweater vest, a white undershirt, and knee-high white socks. This outfit first appeared in “Clueless” and has remained well-known ever since. Cher’s character, played by Alicia Silverstone, wears countless trendy outfits throughout the famous 1995 movie.  

2. Kim Kardashian Wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Dress 

This dress was originally Marilyn Monroe’s dress that she wore in 1962. After making charitable donations to various organizations, Kim Kardashian could wear it to the 2022 Met Gala. Although Kardashian caught the eye of every person who looked her way in that dress, it caused significant controversy. It was reported that the dress received damage to the back of it due to Monroe and Kardashian being different sizes. Many people are angry at Kardashian for tearing an iconic dress that goes down in history with Monroe. It is easy to say that this outfit will never be forgotten. 

3. Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress 

Princess Diana wore a black off-the-shoulder fitted dress with a pearl and sapphire choker around her neck to a dinner gala in the mid-1990s. This dress is one of her most iconic outfits because of the well-known story behind it. It is believed that Princess Diana wore this dress on the night Prince Charles confessed to having an affair with Camilla. Princess Diana looked stunning in this jaw-dropping dress and showed Prince Charles what he had just lost.  

4. Kendall Jenner’s 2021 Met Gala Dress 

As always, Kendall Jenner wore another stunning outfit, but her 2021 Met Gala dress stands out above all. Wearing a sheer and sparkling Givenchy gown, Jenner stole the show with her dress, a high-neck diamond choker, and her hair in an updo. Her look was supposed to resemble a previous outfit worn by the famous Audrey Hepburn. Covered in crystals and looking as chic as ever, Jenner will always be known for this outfit. 

5. Kate Hudson’s Yellow Dress from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” 

Throughout the 2003 rom-com, Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) wore countless trendy outfits that fit her character well. However, toward the movie’s end, Anderson walks down the stairs wearing the iconic yellow satin gown. This stunning dress is arguably one of the most iconic dresses in cinematic history and steals the spotlight of the most famous scene from the entire movie.