Taylor Swift Kicks off her Tour


Sophia Gray

Taylor Swift hit the stage for night one of her highly anticipated ‘Eras’ tour in Glendale, Arizona, shocking fans with a diving stunt. The night was filled with tons of showstopping moments, including wardrobe changes and more during the more than 3-hour long set.

This past Friday, there was a new destination in Arizona: Swift City, population 70,000 fans in town for the first stop on Taylor Swift’s Eras tour.

Before Taylor announced the Eras’ Tour, the question on most fans’ minds since about mid-pandemic was: When Swift returns to touring, which album, or albums, is she going to be touring? Since her last tour, which went along with her album “Reputation,” Taylor has put out four more albums: Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. These albums do not include her two rerecording albums: Fearless (Taylor’s version) and Red (Taylors version).

Watching the 12-time Grammy winner take the stage right at 8 p.m., and continue past 11 p.m. triggers the often-overused cliché: Who’s doing it like her?

The set-list showed a numerical bias toward the four newbies, but all 10 of her studio albums — not counting rerecords — got their own isolated segment in this career-surveying show. For each era/act, Swift did not hold back and went all in to complete the album’s look, feel, costume, color blocking, and more. There were enough mashups early in the show that it felt like it might feel overly rushed, but ultimately that didn’t turn out to be the case. It’s really only a handful of the 44 songs that are represented as snippets or passing parts of mashups. Taylor also announced that each show will get a special song, only played once. For the first show it was her hit “Mirrorball” from the Folklore album, the next night she performed “This is me trying,” again from Folklore.

The stage in which she performs 3 hours on, is significantly bigger than her reputation stage. The production was more Broadway extravaganza than singular concert — multiple set changes, from mossy Folklore cabin to high-rise office for The Man. The T-shaped stage with rising platforms provided each area of the stadium a fantastic view.

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