Idaho Murders: A Timeline of Events


Sydney Appleton

The four victims of the Nov. Moscow, Idaho murders pose with their two surviving roommates. Continue to learn more about the timeline of events surrounding the case. This photo is from Kaylee Goncalves’s Instagram page. She was one of the victims (@kayleegoncalves).

In early November, the tragic murder of four Idaho college students shocked the world. Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kaylee Goncalves were the four University of Idaho students that were brutally stabbed in their home in Moscow, Idaho.  

The events began on Saturday, November 12th when Goncalves and Mogen went out for the night to a bar in their college town. While they went out, Chapin and Kernodle attended a college party at a nearby fraternity house for the university’s Sigma Chi fraternity.  

Early in the morning on November 13th, the four returned home where their other two roommates slept. Chapin did not live in the home, but decided to stay the night, as he was in a long-term relationship with Kernodle.  

Although investigators and police are still uncertain of the exact time, it is expected that the murders took place around four in the morning, just three hours after the students returned from their night out. 

Security footage from nearby homes showed that one of the girls had received a food delivery order around 4, and just an abbreviated time later, there was evidence of a large “bang” sound, as well as a dog barking. The roommates who survived claimed that they heard these sounds as well. One roommate then heard cries from Kernodle’s room and talking voices. Despite hearing these sounds, the two surviving roommates went to sleep for the remainder of the dark hours.  

About 7 hours later, the two roommates found their peers and immediately called 911, as well as some of their other friends. Police entered the home shortly after the call was made and found the bodies.  

Four days later, on November 17, autopsy results for all four of the victims confirmed that they were stabbed to death. Then, the search for the criminal that committed this act began. 

Moscow police, as well as other law enforcement professionals investigated the home, the local town, and even places across the nation for potential evidence on who the murderer was.  

It was not until December 30, and several interviews, investigations, and other extensive efforts, that an arrest was made. Bryan Kohberger was arrested in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, as he was the number one suspect. On January 4, the suspect was extradited to Idaho, where he is being held today. He is being charged with four counts of first-degree murder, as well as burglary.  

This case shook people across the globe because of the randomness of the events. The four students had no connections or prior relationships with the murderer, causing people to question how he found the group of students and why he committed the crime.  

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