Florida to Ban Discussions of Women’s Health in State Classrooms


Sydney Appleton

One Fla. House of Representatives member is proposing House Bill 1069, which would ban the discussion of certain women’s health issues in the state’s schools. Scroll to learn more about the proposal and how it could affect students in the state of Fla.

For decades, people across the globe have been working to fight the stigma surrounding women’s health, specifically menstrual cycles. Despite these efforts, certain government officials in Fla. are working to ban discussions about periods in some of the state’s schools, as they believe the topic can be inappropriate for young students. House Bill 1069, sponsored by House Member Stan McClain (R), would ban discussions about periods and other topics pertaining to women’s health in classrooms of students below 6th grade. 

Junior Giada Moralejo is frustrated with the proposal of the bill, as she feels that it could cause young students to form negative and false ideas about periods.  

“Discussions about periods are very important and it is something that happens to about half of the population,” Moralejo said. “Young girls are very impressionable and banning speaking about periods could cause them to feel shame about something that is very natural.” 

Sophomore Nick Parra agrees, as he thinks that the bill could cause girls in schools to have a fear of speaking up if they face a health concern.  

“Students need to be able to have a person that they can feel free speaking to about anything,” Parra said. “Some students don’t want to have that conversation with their parents and sometimes need to speak to a trust adult like a teacher.”  

The proposal of this bill comes shortly after other sensitive topics have been banned from Florida classrooms. In 2022, Fla. Governor Ron Desantis (R) signed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” which banned discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in certain classrooms across the state. Parents, students, teachers, and other members of the communities of Florida fear that state legislatures and government officials will continue to pass bills that ban what can be said in state classrooms, creating a dangerous school environment.  

To learn more about House Bill 1069, as well as similar bills, click the link below.