Review of San Francisco


Bella Mangione

San Francisco is a unique city that is worth visiting if you find yourself on the West coast. It has many activities that will keep you busy the whole trip and is a guaranteed fun trip.

San Francisco is a unique city that is full of diverse cultures and communities. I visited over spring break, and the weather was cold and damp, but there was still much to do in the city. We took multiple streetcars, visited The Wharf, and did a boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. 

There are many ways to buy a ticket for a streetcar. They have an all-day pass you can buy on your phone and access for just one trip. You can also buy a physical ticket at one of the ticket machines located by the stop. Riding a streetcar should be a priority if you visit San Francisco. It is a great way to see the city and a quick way to get across town when in a hurry. 

We took the streetcar to The Wharf, which is where we went into shops and had lunch. The main thing to do when at The Wharf is shop. There are many stores to visit, including the Alcatraz gift shop, a year-round Christmas shop, and a Bischoff cookie store that serves fantastic hot chocolate. 

We met the boat a couple of blocks away from The Wharf. It was about an hour-long ride, consisting of riding under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the island that Alcatraz is on. During the ride, there was a gorgeous view of the city from the water, and many seagulls flew onto the boat to hitch a ride. Once the ship got under the bridge, it turned around and headed toward the island. Now Alcatraz is covered in graffiti and offers tours to see what the inside of the famous prison looks like. 

While San Francisco is a beautiful city, it also has some cons when visiting. For example, this city’s homelessness is off the charts. This is like most big cities I have seen; however, what makes this a problem is how aggressive they are when you are trying to walk past them. They yell and sometimes chase you, which can be intimidating. Furthermore, the police force in this area is also lacking; like when we were inside a Walgreens, multiple people were coming in and taking items off the shelf and leaving while the officer was standing right at the door. This is an example of how homelessness has become a problem, and it is at a point where they run the city and are allowed to do whatever they want. 

Overall, San Francisco is a beautiful city that should be on your list to visit, and while there are cons, they shouldn’t keep you from vacationing there.