Let’s Pin It!


Bella Johnson

Pinterest is an app used for finding inspiration for practically anything. From clothes to art inspo, Pinterest has you covered.

Social media is something that consumes many parts of students’ everyday life. It can be used for messaging friends, following influencers, or finding inspiration. The “Pinterest” app allows anyone to find all types of stimulation in a “Pin.” Pins can inspire ideas, which are saved in sections called “Boards.”  

Pinterest’s content can range from clothing inspiration to cooking and baking ideas. The app is versatile and used for many different things, depending on the user’s interest. So the question remains, what does everyone use it for?  

Sophomore, Cyrus Lovell, has his personal use for the app. 

“I use Pinterest for memes,” Lovell said. “I like to look when I am bored or when I need a laugh,” Lovell mentioned he doesn’t use Pinterest for any other reason and doesn’t go on the app too often. 

Lovell’s fellow sophomore, Emily Keim, differs in her opinion. 

“I use Pinterest for art inspiration,” Keim said. “I also love looking for future house inspiration. I would love to live in a rural setting one day, so I have a couple of boards with inspiration for that”. Keim stated that she uses Pinterest the most out of all her social media options.  

She feels that Pinterest helps bring out everyone’s personality and brings out the best of everyone through the inspiration it provides. Keim said Pinterest is also her favorite social media app because she feels it is curated to her preferences. 

Tagged below is the Pinterest website. Below, you can make an account or log in to your current account.