Spring Break in Hawaii


Emily Mangione

Spring break is a week full of relaxing and traveling after stressful times in school. I went to Hawaii for the week, and it was an incredible adventure. Keep reading to learn all the fun activities I did on the islands.

Everything people say about Hawaii is true. It is a paradise with perfect weather all year long, with gorgeous beaches stretching for miles. One of the remarkable attributes of Hawaii’s islands is the sandy beaches and mountains in the same place. This is extremely rare to come across because, in nature, there typically are no mountains on the shores.  

When we first landed in Honolulu, the time change, six hours from Tampa time, took a toll on us. However, we still explored the island of Oahu and saw all the breathtaking sights. Right outside our hotel on Waikiki Beach are the island’s sparking blue waters and the Diamond Head volcano resting in the background.  

On our second day there, we decided to hike to the top of Diamond Head, the famous volcano on the island of Oahu. The hike was steep, rocky, and tiresome, so it was important to have brought plenty of water and sunscreen to help survive the heat. Although climbing up to the top was quite a challenge, the fantastic view was worth it. Standing on the top of the volcano after hiking for almost two hours and seeing the accomplishment of the breathtaking view of the ocean and the coastal line is unforgettable.  

During our stay on Oahu, my family and I ate at fine dining restaurants, shopped in the local markets, explored beaches, visited Pearl Harbor, learned how to make traditional Hawaiian bracelets, and watched a firework show. Even though Oahu was beautiful, with plenty of activities to participate in on the island, it was touristy and crowded with many vacation-goers. 

After Oahu, we took a plane to another Hawaiian Island called Maui. This island was my favorite place I have ever visited. The beaches were more prominent; the water was crystal clear, less crowded, and a more relaxing paradise. In Maui, we went to a pineapple plantation, drove down to North Shore, went snorkeling, and spent many hours lying in the sand on the beach.  

Hawaii has, without a doubt, been the most incredible trip I have ever been on. The views of the mountains, volcanos, waves, and villages make up the island’s historical culture. There is no other location in the world like the Hawaiian Islands; it is definitely a bucket list destination.