State of Fla. to Ease Firearm Restrictions


Sydney Appleton

A new bill could allow Floridians to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Scroll to learn more details.

For decades, states across the nation have been changing gun laws, or advocating for a certain viewpoint pertaining to gun rights. Some states would like there to be strict gun laws in place, whereas other states want to ease firearm restrictions. Fla. has joined the bandwagon of lessening the restrictions surrounding guns, and some residents are curious about what this new change will look like.  

Although nothing has been finalized by top lawmakers, the process to ease gun laws in Fla. has begun. The bill that would allow Florida residents to carry a concealed weapon without a permit has been approved by the state’s House of Representatives and is on its way to Governor Ron Desantis’ desk. The Fla. governor has expressed his agreement with the second amendment over the last four years that he has been in office. He believes that anyone who would like should carry a firearm, leading people in the state to believe that he will sign the bill once it reaches his desk. However, the bill must pass through the Fla. senate first. 

The rise of this new idea has caused an uproar on both sides. Many are now worried that this will simply cause the gun violence issue in America to worsen, whereas others think it is allowing for the second amendment to be used to its full potential in a positive manner.  

Most Floridians support the second amendment’s right bear arms but only to a certain extent. The majority want some limits on who can purchase or carry a gun, as well as where they can take said firearm. However, Florida legislatures and lawmakers are working towards no restrictions and rules to make getting a gun easy.