Dorm Must Haves


Bella Mangione

Preparing for college is a stressful time. This list should help aid you in what to buy for your dorm room and make the adjustment as easy as possible.

1. Air Purifier 

Many college dorms have been in use for decades; this means they lack certain upgrades the newer dorms have. I have heard many stories of mold being in the walls and other substances that can make those living in these rooms sick. An air purifier can help eliminate anything in the air that could cause you harm while you live there. 

2. Brita 

If you don’t know, a Brita is something that will filter your water; it looks like a pitcher. This is useful because not all dorms have filtered water. They have a sink, and that is it. This means that you will likely have to filter your own water or go outside of your dorm to a water refill station. These can be purchased anywhere from Amazon to Target; they don’t cost much. 

3. Storage units 

No matter what school you attend, the dorms are small, and you will need places to store your things. These include clothes, shoes, toiletries, and even food for when you get hungry and don’t want to go to the cafeteria. Some storage you should invest in includes shower caddies for shampoos, conditioners, and anything else you use while in the shower. Another example is a rack that hangs on your closet door. These can hold your shoes, extra clothes, or hail accessories like the Brita, storage units can be found in many stores. 

4. Hand-Held Vacuum 

 You will need a way to clean your dorm when it gets dirty without taking up too much room by using a full-size vacuum. This way, you can still clean up a mess and save space in your dorm. Even if you are not big on cleaning, it is still good to have around for emergencies. 

5. Shower Shoes 

Even if you aren’t sharing a shower with multiple people, even if you only have one roommate, I still would recommend purchasing some shower shoes. Also, you don’t know what kind of people lived in the dorm before you arrived. You never know when sharing a shower with someone; it is better safe than sorry.