Tampa has Become “TAYmpa”


Sydney Appleton

The City of Tampa has become “TAYmpa” as Taylor Swift is set to perform three consecutive shows at Raymond James Stadium this weekend. Scroll to learn more about the shows and what to expect from the star.

The City of Tampa is becoming “TAYmpa” as Taylor Swift is set to arrive soon for her upcoming shows at Raymond James Stadium. Starting on Thursday, April 13, Swift will perform for three nights in a row as a part of her Era’s tour. Tickets for all three shows sold out instantaneously, so the excitement in town is certainly present as hundreds of thousands of “Tampanians” will be attending the production. 

Because of the substantial number of people that the shows will attract, employees of Raymond James Stadium, as well as members of Swift’s team, are informing fans to plan ahead so that they are able to have a relaxing experience. Continue reading for a minute-by-minute schedule of the concert days.  

Although the shows do not start until Thursday, there are events that are being held prior to this to get fans even more exhilarated. Merchandise stands will be available starting midday on Wednesday, April 12. These merchandise sale areas will be in parking lots outside the stadium. These will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on April 12, 13, 14, and 15. 

Beginning Thursday and through the end of Taylor’s Tampa leg of her tour, parking for shows will open at 3 pm. There are several different parking lots that the stadium will have available to fans. Also, nearby shops, businesses, and restaurants will be offering parking spots for fans at a charge. Usually, these parking spots can be anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars.  

The main doors to the show will open at 4:30 each night. Fans will be able to enter the stadiums at this time. This will allow fans to purchase food, merchandise, and beverages inside the stadium before the show begins.  

At 6:25, Swifts first opening act will take the stage. On the Thursday show, this will be GAYLE, an up-and-coming performer. However, on the Friday and Saturday shows, this will be Gracie Abrams. The second opener, Beabadoobee, will take the stage at 6:55 on all three nights.  

After the opening acts, there will be a short intermission from 7:40 to 8:05. After this, Taylor will take the stage and her three-hour set will begin.  

Fans across the nation are looking forward to their Era’s Tour concerts, but this week, the City of Tampa and its residents are thrilled for the arrival of the star that is Taylor Swift.