Ranking the Friends Seasons


Bella Mangione

Friends has been a popular TV show for decades and it has obtained many fans over the years. There are many moments from the show that will stay with audience members forever because of the relatable atmosphere the show created.

Friends is a show that has been popular for decades, and even though it was made in the 90s, many people still watch it today through streaming platforms like HBOMax. Each season of Friends brings something different to the show while still obtaining its lightheartedness that keeps watchers returning for more. This list provides the best to worst of the Friends seasons. 

#1- Season 5 

Season 5 is ranked number one best of the essential events that occur. In the fifth season, there are the repercussions of Ross saying the wrong name at the altar, Phoebe gives birth to her brother’s triplets, everyone finds out about Chandler and Monica’s relationship, Ross has his famous pivot scene, and all six of the friends go to Vegas for Joey’s movie. Because all these significant episodes are in the same season, season 5 gets first place. 

#2- Season 3 

Season three is when the comedy factor of the show starts to pick up, and the actors and actresses begin to ease into their characters. Some special events in this season include the flashback episode, the famous “We Were on a Break” episode between Ross and Rachel, and when Ross and Rachel get back together when vacationing at the beach. This season also includes some of the best and significant episodes, like when Chandler sleeps with one of Joey’s sisters but can’t remember which one and the one where Joey and Chandler get the chick and the duck. 

#3- Season 8 

This season is ranked number three mainly because a lot of character development happens. For example, Rachel gives birth to her daughter (Emma), Monica and Chandler get married, and Joey tells Rachel he is in love with her. Season 8 foreshadows what each character’s future is going to look like. Monica and Chandler are bringing their relationship to the next (and final) level, Ross and Rachel’s relationship is still complicated because they are having a baby but refuse to consider being in a relationship with one another, and Joey is still alone, which he will be for the ending of the show in season ten. 

#4- Season 4 

Season four has many funny episodes like “The One with the Jellyfish,” “The One with the Cuffs,” and “The One with the Dirty Girl” that are not very important for the plot line but are entertaining to watch. However, this season also has a couple of big moments, like when Ross says Rachel’s name when marrying Emily, and Phoebe decides to carry her brother’s baby. However, this is ranked near the middle of the list because of the lack of plot twists and significant episodes.  

#5- Season 1 

This may come as a shock that the first season is ranked so low on the list, but just read my explanation, and you will understand my reasoning. While season one is iconic and arguably the most popular season of the show, it is ranked in the middle of the list because the characters were just being introduced, and everyone hasn’t had the chance to connect with any of them yet. Furthermore, the comedy part of the show hadn’t taken its full effect yet, and the jokes weren’t hitting the mark at this point.  

#6- Season 6 

This season has Chandler’s proposal to Monica, and it also brings back Richard (one of Monica’s exes). This is one of my favorite scenes out of the whole show, and Chandler and Monica happen to be my favorite couple as well. However, the proposal happens at the very last two episodes of the season, and before that, too much happens, which is why this is placed lower on the list. 

#7- Season 2 

The only noteworthy event in this season is Ross and Rachel’s messy relationship, where they finally get together, only for Ross to ruin it when he makes a list of the things he doesn’t like about Rachel, resulting in them breaking up. However, a couple of episodes later, they regain their relationship with the prom video episode. Season 2 is still fun to watch due to episodes like “The One with Phoebe’s Husband,” “The One with the Baby on the Bus,” and “The One with the Lesbian Wedding.” 

#8- Season 10 

This season includes Joey and Rachel’s brief romance, Chandler and Monica adopting their babies, and Phoebe’s wedding. While this season holds many significant moments in the show, the plot seems a little drawn out, and the characters have lost their defining qualities. Furthermore, the writers make Ross and Rachel end up together, which seems like a thrown-together option so they don’t have to end up alone. While Joey does end up by himself at the end of the season when I feel like he should have ended up with someone, given he is a much better character than Ross. 

#9- Season 9 

This season shows the events after Rachel’s daughter is born; after that, nothing significant happens. As I said, for season ten, the show is starting to simmer out, and it loses that quality it had in the earlier seasons that made it so special. 

#10- Season 7 

Season seven has Chandler and Monica’s wedding, but that is all. Also, at this point in the show, the characters’ endings are mostly predictable, and it gets hard to continue watching, but the next season is a lot better, and it is worth the wait.