AP Exams are Coming Up


Sydney Appleton

Exams for Advanced Placement courses are approaching. Continue reading to learn more.

As the end of the school year approaches, exams are upon us. Specifically, Advanced Placement exams. Beginning May 1, schools all over the globe will administer AP exams for the advanced courses. All these exams are different. Some can be up to four hours long, while others are shorter and only last two hours. Exams begin either at 8 a.m. or noon Eastern time.   

Exams will be administered by teachers and/or guidance counselors at the school in which students take exams. Most are held in school gyms, alternative classrooms, or auditoriums.   

Students should bring a pencil, a water bottle, a snack, and a calculator if it is a math exam. It is advised by test administrators that students should leave electronic devices at home, as they are not allowed to be near testing materials.   

Before test day, there are steps students can take to ensure their testing experience goes smoothly. The night before the test, it is crucial that students get a good night’s sleep. Eight hours will help them to become well-rested without feeling groggy the next day.   

On the morning of the test, students should eat a healthy breakfast. Avoid foods that could cause stomach problems. Try eating cereal, a bagel, or even some fruit. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.   

Before leaving to go to your testing location, students must make sure they have everything needed to succeed. Bring a few pencils or pens, a water bottle, a snack, and a calculator if it is a math test. An unnecessary, yet helpful item u bring is a jacket as testing rooms tend to be cold. Students will be in this room for an extended period of time, so being comfortable is key.   

After the test, students are free to return home and they will be notified once exam scores are released. This typically occurs two months after students take their AP exams.   

To learn more about Advanced Placement courses and exams, visit the College Board website below.