Esports Players Club


Parker Wielkens

Located at the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Packwood Avenue, the Esports Players Club is the home to many of the Esports club members at Plant High School. The facility is filled with top-of-the-line gaming systems open to the public Monday through Sunday. The great gaming environment fuels the creativity and competitive spirits of many who enjoy the space.

Plant High School hosts a variety of clubs to suit all interests, specifically the modern appeal of online gaming. The Plant E-Sports club is a community for people that play video games that includes competitive programs, open servers, and functions as an overall host for people to come together and game as a team.   

The club helps unite people who enjoy gaming equally; it’s usually a seemingly isolated activity. Alex Reanud (12) said, “I feel like it’s just that kind of community, it’s pretty small, and not many people share that interest. I also think that people are paraded, insulted, or just made fun of when it comes to that kind of stuff. I’m no recipient of bullying, but for others, I think the club is a safe space for people to meet others if they’re nervous or scared of new interactions. It’s [E-sports club] the place I go to interact.”   

The club provides opportunities beyond meeting people with similar interests; it can also serve as a source of career opportunities in relation to E-Sports. The president, Ben Seatts (12), works at a local players club outside of school. The ESPC (E-Sports Players Club) facility in Tampa is located on Kennedy Boulevard and sponsors the E-sports club at plant. Seats Said, “I probably will not continue in an E-Sports after high school, but I plan to continue working with the company I’m with right now and grow alongside them.”    

The E-sports club provides opportunities for people who enjoy a competitive or more leisurely style of gaming as well. Competitions are held every Saturday at the ESPC and open to people apart of the club as well as the public.