Top Five Songs On “One Thing At A Time” Album


Emily Mangione

Morgan Wallen released his new album, “One Thing At A Time,” which has rapidly become a big hit in the music industry. Below is a list of my favorite songs from the newly released album.

Morgan Wallen’s new country album, “One Thing At A Time,” has been on the charts for weeks. Consisting of 36 songs, this album has themes of heartbreak, religion, fun times, and obstacles in life. Although every song is catchy and has powerful lyrics, the list below is my favorites from Wallen’s new album. 

#1- “Tennessee Fan” 

“Tennessee Fan” was first released as a single before the whole album got released to the public. Because of that, it was the first song I heard from the new album, and I immediately kept relaying it. The song is about a girl Wallen likes and him turning her into a fan of Tennessee football when she is an Alabama fan (Tennessee’s rival). This song is upbeat and contains amusing lyrics to blast on repeat. 

#2- “Last Night” 

It is not just me who loves this song. On Billboard Hot 100, “Last Night” has earned the number one title and has been in the top five for weeks, claiming it as his most famous song on the album. The lyrics are about Wallen’s experience with a girl and takes listeners through their night’s journey with all the ups and downs. Wallen’s voice sounds raw throughout this song and is not overpowered by too many instruments in the background, which is beneficial to hearing his voice.  

#3- “Everything I Love” 

Number three, in my opinion, is “Everything I Love.” This song stuck out to me the first time I listened to the album. It stands out to me because it is a breakup song about Wallen’s past relationship, but it is not slow and melancholy. Wallen turned the music and melody upbeat while also having powerful lyrics, which I feel put a fun spin on the song.  

#4- “98 Braves” 

This song was most likely created for sports fans, specifically Major League Baseball fans. Throughout this song, Wallen compared his former relationship to the Atlanta Braves season in 1998. He talks about how he thought the baseball team and his relationship would “end with a ring on a hand.” I find this song ironic and entertaining, listening to the similarities between two very different aspects of life, love and sports.   

#5- “Keith Whitley” 

The song “Keith Whitley” describes what Wallen loves in life and what brings him joy. This song sticks out to me mainly because of the upbeat melody throughout the piece. Plus, fans learn about some of Wallen’s favorite aspects of life. It is mentioned during the song and featured in the title that Wallen is a big supporter of Keith Whitley, a country music singer and songwriter.