Plant Seniors are Embarking on College


Many seniors are starting an entirely new journey. I wish them luck on this adventure!

Seniors are at the beginning of a turning point in their lives. They have new priorities, looking for roommates, finding a fitting dorm room, and searching for the right friends.   

It is incredibly intimidating for some but thrilling for others. As the days get closer to graduation, there is a cloud of mixed emotions hanging over seniors’ heads. There is this bittersweet nostalgia that many are hesitant to leave behind. Yet, the uncertainty and unpredictability of adulthood are on the horizon.   

We are getting ready to say goodbye to people of all facets, people we have known four years, people we have known for five days. We are walking out of a classroom for the last time, seeing some teachers for the last time.   

Let us look at some of the seniors here:  

Ava Satterfield, USC, member of the Plant Varsity Crew team: “I am excited to return to California because I moved to Tampa from San Francisco during Sophomore year. I am majoring in business administration at USC, and I cannot wait to start in the fall. I am going to miss my friends at Plant and my family as I will be across the country.”   

Oliver Hewitt- Qualls, United States Air Force Academy, Captain of Plant High Crew team 2022-2023: “The United States Air Force Academy will educate, train, and inspire me to become an office of character, motivated to lead the U.S. Air Force in service to our nation.”   

Jaliyah Brown, UF, involved in student government, Model United Nations, and Future Business Leaders of America: “I’m going to the University of Florida in the fall. I’m excited for all the opportunities offered by the Warrington College of Business, gaining independence, and I look forward to joining a sorority.”  

Sloan Arena, UCF, majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Business: “I am excited to go to Disney and Universal because I have had a lot of family memories there. I look forward to making connections at a sorority and participating in programs abroad. This school has been a dream of mine.”   

May all the Plant Seniors find their home in whatever life path they pursue. Good Luck, Seniors!