SweetGreen; a New Bowl Restaurant in Hyde Park


Making an appearance in Hyde Park, a new build-your bowl restaurant opened its doors in South Tampa. Well-known in California and due to collaborations with celebrities, this modernized healthy cuisine casual dining experience is a must-visit when looking for a fast lunch or dinner.

The newest addition to the restaurants in Hyde Park, SweetGreen, recently opened its doors to the public of Hyde Park.  

SweetGreen is a growing in popularity healthy culinary brand with a fast-casual restaurant experience featuring customizable and crave-able salads and bowls.   

The restaurant is known as a California-based chain that has over 150 locations open in 20 states and DC, as well as due to collaborations with celebrities such as Naomi Osaka Broaden.   

SweetGreen features a food assembly line, similar to Cava or Fresh Kitchen, that lets diners customize their meal using an assortment of bases, spreads, proteins, toppings, and dressings. Aside from salads, they also offer warm and heartful bowls.   

Bowls can range from lean Super Green Goddess salads to more filled ones such as the Harvest Bowl. But while there is a created menu by the restaurant, customers can customize their bowls in accordance with their diet and nutritional preferences.  

To drink, Cava offers OLIPOP soda, which is gut-healthy and remodeled soda. The restaurant too offers sides such as roasted sweet potatoes ad focaccia. And to satisfy the sweet tooth- HU dark chocolate and reinvented rice crispy treats.  

According to dietitians, the Fish Taco is the healthiest warm bowl being the lowest in sodium and calories. According to the same source, the worst warm bowl is the Hollywood Bowl, because it is highest in calories, saturated fat, and carbs thanks to the high-calorie trio of wild rice, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. The healthiest salad is the Kale Ceasar it has almost the recommended daily amount of protein (46 grams for women and 56 for men) while still being the option with the lowest amount of calories. However, the worst Hummus Tahina is the salad with the highest saturated fat and sodium level of this salad being over half the recommended amount. 

If feeling like grabbing a quick lunch or dinner on the healthier hand, SweetGreen is the choice to go with. With its signature salad bar and many modernized classics, the restaurant is a growing trend among Gen Z.