Breakdown of Taylor Swift’s Tampa Night Two Outfits


Taylor Swift was in Tampa for three nights for the Eras Tour. While on stage, Swift wore gorgeous outfits to match the theme of each era she performed.

Taylor Swift has impressed fans with her on-stage outfits throughout the Eras Tour. From bedazzled leotards to flowy fairytale dresses, Swift shows off various styles when she changes her outfit during every era. Here are Swift’s outfits for Tampa Night Two.  

Swift first emerges on stage during the Lover era wearing a colorful sequined leotard with knee-high silver sparkly boots. This outfit was my top one out of all the eras because of its bright colors, and it matched my favorite album. Especially for the Friday night concert, the sunset turned the sky into shades of pink and purple, just like the album cover. 

After the Lover era ended, Swift began the journey through her second album, Fearless. Swift changed out of the previous outfit into one that suited the theme of the Fearless era. She returned to the stage wearing a gold romper with tassels hanging from it, paired with silver knee-high boots.  

Once the Fearless era came to a close, the Evermore era began. The vibe of this album is very whimsical and calming. The stage was decorated with nature consisting of pine trees and a moss-covered piano. Swift wore a flowy orange dress with rust orange-colored boots to match the album aesthetic.  

Swift transitioned to the Reputation era after Evermore, which are complete opposites. Swift appeared on stage wearing a black one-piece covering one leg and one arm while the others were left uncovered. The black outfit had a red snake slithering up the leg and arm while twisting around her body. This outfit was perfect for the style of the songs she performed during the Reputation era. 

The high energy from the Reputation era led to the Speak Now era, a dramatic change in mood. Unfortunately, Swift only sang one song from the Speak Now album, “Enchanted,” which called for different attire. Swift left the stadium in awe when she appeared wearing a stunning sparkly floor-length gown. 

The Red era came after Speak Now, resulting in the stadium turning red. Swift wore her iconic “A Lot Going On In The Moment” shirt from the “22” music video paired with sparkly black shorts and a black top hat.  

The Folklore era was next, similar in vibe to the Evermore album. Swift and her background dancers performed very whimsically while singing the slow songs from the album. Swift wore a green dress with leaf designs with a cape blowing behind her as she performed.  

Once the Folklore era ended, 1989 took its place. During this era, fire was shooting out from all around the stage, making the whole stadium even crazier. For the 1989 era, Swift wore a bejeweled magenta two-piece with a skirt and a tank top.  

Midnights, her most recent album, was the last era Swift performed during the show. For the Midnight’s era, Swift wore multiple outfits, such as a sparkly lavender t-shirt dress, a bedazzled dark blue leotard, and a couple of different fluffy and sparkly coats.  

The Eras Tour will continue to have amazing outfits as the tour continues. Swift’s costumes for Tampa Night Two were stunning and ideally suited the vibe of the album she was performing.