Summer Outfit Ideas


Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to go shopping in preparation for the new season. Keep reading for outfit suggestions and store recommendations.

Summer is approaching, so it’s time to remove winter clothes and switch to summer attire. Stores have replaced sweatshirts and pants with bathing suits and jean shorts in preparation for the new season. Many different clothes are popular in summer and staple pieces for everyone’s closet. 



Since summer is here, it’s time to restock the bathing suit collection. Bikinis, and all bathing suits, are being sold in stores such as Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, Hollister, Aerie, Shein, and so many others. The triangle style and bright-colored bikinis are the most popular this season. 



Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are arguably the most popular summer outfit piece. These shorts can be paired with a bikini top for going to the beach or even as a restaurant outfit with a cute top to match. There are a handful of places to shop for jean shorts, but the most extensive selection of styles is at American Eagle and Pacsun. 



Sun Dresses

 Wearing a flowy, colorful sun dress has always been in style for the summer. These dresses can be paired with sandals for a casual outing or even with high heels for a classier look. A few places with a wide summer selection are Princess Polly, Altar’d State, Francesca’s, and Hello Molly. 



 There are many kinds of sandals for different occasions. For example, Birkenstocks are popular for casual events like going to the beach or pool. However, there are also fancier sandals for dressier places, such as a dinner or a night out. Sandals can be worn with bathing suits and dresses for a more sophisticated outfit. 


Tote Bags

 Tote bags have become the new stylish bag to carry around during the summertime. These bags are perfect for holding personal items and looking aesthetic with the outfit paired with it. Everyone should own a tote bag because they are functional and trendy.