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A Complete Guide to Storm Season for 2023

Unfortunately, storm season is back, and it isn’t here to mess around. So far this year, Fla. has just had rain in the afternoons, but that isn’t the case for other states, so we must be ready in case of a storm heading this way. Some storms come too fast to prepare, so it’s best to be prepared beforehand.

Hurricane season is back, whether you’re ready or not. The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season began in Sept. 2022. First, Hurricane Ian devastated Fort Myers and flooded Central Fla. Then, when the season was nearly over, Hurricane Nicole destroyed homes and businesses along the Space Coast. As many neighborhoods continue to rebuild, local, state, and federal authorities all say now is the time to prepare for whatever may come our way this year.  

From getting the right supplies to home insurance, preparing for the hurricane season takes time, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. This article has everything you need to know to stay safe.  

Stocking up   

When a storm approaches, stores start to empty. So, it’s best to buy everything you need ahead of time. Here’s a list of all the basics:  

Supply Kit Checklist  

. Flashlights and extra light bulbs  

. Battery-operated lights and clock  

. Extra batteries (various sizes)  

. First aid kit  

. Duct tape  

. Fire extinguisher  

. Can opener  

. Extra blankets and pillows  

. Food  

. Bottled water(one/galloon/person/day)  

. Canned foods  

Tracking Storms  

Once your home is secured, there’s nothing left to do but wait to see if a hurricane heads our way. All of Fla. is a potential target for tropical systems, but only some regions get hit equally. When a tropical system forms, weather news channels combine decades of experience and critical information from the National Hurricane Center to forecast storm tracks and development.  

It’s always important to note that storms can change directions quickly, and their strength is difficult to predict. Every year, there are better ways to forecast storms. One way this year is through tropical outlooks.  

Click here for more information on how to be prepared for the storm season: 


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