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JVKE Concert Review

Sydney Appleton
Up-and-coming artist JVKE serenades his audience at his show at House of Blues in Orlando. Scroll to learn more about the artist, as well as his current tour, “this is what tour feels like.”

It was certainly my “golden hour.” Attending the JVKE concert was unbelievable. A night filled with belting my favorite songs and dancing until my feet hurt was the perfect formula for an unforgettable experience.  

Last weekend, I traveled to Orlando to see JVKE live in concert for his “what tour feels like” tour. The up-and-coming singer rose to fame as he posted videos of himself singing in his room during the COVID-19 pandemic. Singing covers, as well as songs of his own, JVKE brought joy to Tik Tok through his daily posts. Shortly after his success through social media, he announced the release of his first album, as well as a list of tour dates across the U.S. 

The show I attended was held at House of Blues in Disney Springs, which only admits 2,500 people. Such a size offers an intimate experience, leaving no angle of the room with a reputation of a bad view.  

My ticket was for the pit section, leaving me roughly 30 feet from the stage. Because of this distance, I was able to clearly see the stage, as well as JVKE’s facial expressions and movements. For the entire show, he appeared to be thrilled, holding a strong grin. He ran and danced across the stage while engaging with the crowd. This energy was contagious, leaving the audience roaring.  

The concert was structured around JVKE’s emotions he faces throughout his young adult life. The first act of the show portrayed him as he fell in love, singing songs like “this is what falling in love feels like.” Moving into the second act, he shows the audience his life as he faces the reality of a relationship, performing songs such as “i’m not okay.” The last act exhibits his experiences of falling out of love, as well as becoming okay as a single individual. He belted “this is what falling out of love feels like” with a passion.  

The audience went through each of JVKE’s displayed emotions along with him. I related to each song JVKE sang, making it an emotional, yet eye-opening experience. The joyful songs made me feel grateful for how much I have grown as a person, while the sorrowful tunes caused me to reflect on difficult times of my life.  

Feeling this variety of emotions because of music all within an hour was unlike anything I have witnessed before. I was touched and moved, and it was all because of music. It has such a power that is often underappreciated.  

As a concert junkie, I have attended shows for various different genres, but this one was like no other. Most shows I have been to have left me with strong emotions, but never have taken me on a journey quite like JVKE did.  

The show’s structure of portraying different stages of his young adult life offered so much relatability, as well as an appreciation for his creativity. Most concerts I have attended consist of a setlist of songs, but none of them are organized into a story. JVKE told a story while simultaneously performing one-of-a-kind music. The concert will forever hold a special place in my heart.  

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Sydney Appleton, Online Editor In Chief

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney and this is my third year on staff. I am this year's Online Editor In Chief. I love to play piano, write, and spend time with my friends and family. This summer I attended the School of the New York Times to study Journalism. I can’t wait for a great year! 

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