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Tumbling with Tumble Bugs

Bella Johnson
Students in Mr. Brockman’s third period record and measure their Tumble Bug’s measurements. This was the first day of experiments and the Great Tumble Bug Race was the next Tuesday.

While walking across the front courtyard, one might have seen the infamous blue and red race cars that Physics teacher, Mr. Brockman, has been using for his classes. Their name? They are none other than the infamous Tumble Bugs. 


Mr. Brockman’s class used the properties of physics such as acceleration and velocity, to find multiple measurements through the Tumble Bugs. The experiment that Mr. Brockman designed was to use a fun perspective on the complicated ideas of physics.  


First, each group would be assigned a Tumble Bug that they would utilize to find the average speed per three meters. This was repeated five times, in which afterwards the students collected their data and found the average speeds of each Bug.  


Secondly, each group would graph the average speed of their Tumble Bug and compare it to other groups. They would then consult with one and other to try to find factors that could have impacted speed. 


The experiment lasted two days and the final day was used to race every group Tumble Bug in hope to predict who the winner would be based on physics properties.  


Student, Linnea Watson, takes Mr. Brockman’s AP Physics class and did the experiment with her group. 


“I had so much fun getting outdoors in Mr. Brockman’s class” Watson said. “Racing the Tumble Bugs was my favorite part because I beat Bella’s Bug.” 


All of Brockman’s physics classes participated in the experiment and results varied by period, but most students agreed that the Tumble Bugs were a fun way to approach physics. 


To purchase your own Tumble Bug, click the link below. 



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Bella Johnson
Bella Johnson, Sports Editor

Hey there, my name is Bella! I am the sports editor of the newspaper and this is my second year on staff! I am an avid shopaholic who loves some sports, especially football and baseball. Catch me on the sidelines!

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