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Top Five Songs from Madison Beer’s New Album

Bella Johnson
Madison Beer has released multiple singles, and this is her second studio album. Madison Beer first became popular after her hit-single, “We Are Monster High,” went viral.

Madison Beer has gradually risen to fame throughout her entire career, with her first breakout song, “We Are Monster High,” the theme song for the popular franchise, all the way to present day. Her new album, Silence Between Songs, is her first album release since 2021, and so far, has gained much media coverage and opinions. In this article, I will rank my favorite tunes from her album and my reason behind me repeatedly hitting the replay button. 

#1- Home to Another One 

“Home to Another One” is a catchy song that I played repeatedly on the day of the album release. The song and music video allude to the fact that Beer’s “lover” in the song has another significant other, but it is revealed in the video that the “other woman” is in fact, Beer herself. The musical choice of the use of the electric guitar creates a great juxtaposition with Beer’s delicate voice, creating an overall amazing song that is perfect for late-night car drives and screaming sessions. 

#2- Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You) 

“Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)” is a slower song that showcases Beer’s wide vocal range and use of jazz influence with the brass and percussion instruments creating a subtle but powerful effect on the song. The song in general is a slower song and tends to stay in the quieter chords but is a very beautiful track on Beer’s album. 

#3- Spinnin 

“Spinnin” displays, in my opinion, Beer’s vocal range and voice the most out of the 14 songs on the album. The song discusses that Beer is seeing herself change and she questions if it is because the world stopped “spinnin” or is it just her? The song, like many of another tracks, is slower in tempo and lower in chords than a majority of the other songs on “Silence Between Songs.”  

#4- Ryder 

“Ryder” is Beer’s ballad to her brother, Ryder Beer. In the song, she describes Ryder and Beer’s relationship and how she wishes she would have been more present when he was younger. The four-minute song discusses how, even as kids, Beer knows him better than anyone and how she will always be a shoulder for him to lean on. 


“Reckless” was a single released by Beer in 2021, shortly following her album “Life Support”. She released the track on “Silence Between Songs” and it has become the second most popular from the album, right below Home to Another One. The song discusses how Beer’s character misjudged someone and they end up breaking her heart by leaving her for someone else. Many of Beer’s fans have voiced that this song specifically has resonated with them, and it has become an impactful memento that has helped them through their own rough times. 

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