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Divin’ Into ERNEST & The Fellas Unplugged

Bella Johnson
ERNEST and the Fellas released their album on Sept. 29th, 2023. The album includes acoustic and percussion not previously seen on any of ERNEST’s album, that create a unique twist on the Nashville singer’s biggest hits.

ERNEST, one of the most influential country song writers of the 21st century and widely known for his collaboration with artist, Morgan Wallen, for their song “Flower Shops”, just released his newest album, ERNEST & the Fellas Unplugged on Sep. 29th. The album includes re-recorded versions of some of ERNEST’s most popular songs such as This Fire, Comfortable when I’m Crazy, Done at a Bar, and more with a new raw twist on the songs that is different from the Nashville singer’s typical approach. In this article, I will rank which songs I think deserve to be listened to out of the 10-track album.

#1. Comfortable When I’m Crazy

The three-minute song was already a favorite of mine off of ERNEST’s album, “FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM)” because of its story and how well the song complements ERNEST’s voice. The new twist with a raw and unedited sound shows off ERNEST’s satisfying vocal range and displays the feeling of the song, in my opinion, better than the original. This was my personal favorite off of the album and is a perfect song for a late-night car jam session with friends.

#2. Done at a Bar

Also, another favorite of mine from ERNEST, this cover of “Done at a Bar”, is undoubtably better than the original. I believe it is the biggest difference between the original and this cover. Many may say that doing something like that is a risky move, and I would agree, but for ERNEST and the Fellas, it sure paid off. The song perfectly displays ERNEST’s almost raspy voice in a way that none of his other songs do; seeing as new perspective on the singer has invigorated my love for him and his music, especially through this song.

#3. This Fire

“This Fire” is one of ERNEST’s slower songs off all his albums and adding it onto these Unplugged sessions was the right move by ERNEST. The song is complimented perfectly by the new raw edge of the subtle guitar riffs and the personality that ERNEST brings to the table. The song is already one of his best in my opinion and was one that I did not believe could be improved upon. But it seems ERNEST and the Fellas felt otherwise, and they were right to do so.

#4. Songs We Used to Sing

“Songs We Used to Sing” was a popular release from ERNEST’s 2023 album “FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM): TWO DOZEN ROSES”, a part-two of ERNEST’s breakout album that sent him to the top of the charts. The song’s lyrics accompanied with ERNEST’s voice makes it a very moving song with a great message about how past relationships sometimes just don’t work out. The song was the 2nd most popular off his previous album and is rising rapidly on his most played songs.

#5. Wild Wild West

The song, “Wild Wild West”, is one of ERNEST’s more uplifting and fast-paced songs and this cover was the cherry on top of this album. The cover is undeniably better than the original for many reasons. For one, the song now showcases more percussion and electric guitar riffs than previously included and they add the perfect amount of personality with ERNEST’s unique voice that showcases a perfect song.



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