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Jonas Brothers Concert Recap

Sydney Appleton
The Jonas Brothers, a band of brothers who have won countless awards for their five albums, perform in Tampa, Fla. On Oct. 12. The near sold-out show was one of the many stops along their Five Albums, One Night World Tour. Scroll to learn more about everything that happened at the show.

On Oct. 12, I attended the Jonas Brothers concert at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. The show was a part of the band’s Five albums One Night World tour. This was the second “Jo Bros” tour that I have attended, and it was even better than the first one I went to. The group sang tons of songs from each of their five albums, making sure to display each of their eras.  

Back in 2005, three brothers from New Jersey, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, discovered their artistic abilities and formed a band. After starring in Disney Channel movies like Camp Rock and writing songs in the basement of their home, they knew that they had talent and they dreamed of sharing it with the world. With time, and a few record labels, the brothers reached world fame. They had several hit albums and performed in countless sold-out arenas on their many tours. However, despite remarkable success, the band decided to break up following some of their best years. Taking a six-year hiatus, each brother was able to grow and flourish individually. Kevin started his family and welcomed two daughters, Joe joined the band ‘DNCE’ and release several hits during his time in that band, and Nick reached great fame with his single hits including ‘Chains’ and ‘Jealous.’ In 2019, the brothers announced that they were taking a break from their break. The Jonas Brothers were back and better than ever.  

Since the end of the hiatus, the Jonas Brothers have released two albums, ‘Happiness Begins’ and ‘The Album,’ which have both become well known. Now, the brothers are on the road again for their latest world tour.  

For their stop in Tampa, they performed a three hour long show in the heart of Downtown Tampa.  

When I arrived at the venue, I saw hundreds of people eagerly walking into the building ready for a night of fun. The first thing I did when I entered the building was head to the merch line. It was about 100 people deep but moved quite fast. I got a beige t-shirt that shows the brothers’ pictures on the front of it. It fits extremely well and is comfortable.  

Following some pre-concert shopping, I made my way over to my seats. They were in the lower bowl, so I had a clear view and was in close proximity to the stage. Once the show began and the brothers came out, everyone in my section rose to their feet in excitement.  

The band opened the show with their song ‘Celebrate’ which is on their latest album. They sang while their band played their instruments loudly. Trombone and trumpet players walked across the magnificent stage to emphasize the jazz part of the song. This track was a great way to start off the show as it has an energetic vibe.  

Moving into the show, they played 14 songs from their ‘Jonas Brothers’ album. I was not too familiar with this album as it came out in 2007 and I was only one year old at that time. However, I still enjoyed listening to the set. They closed off this section of the show by performing their hit “Year 3000.” Even though this song is almost as old as me, I discovered it at the last Jonas Brothers concert I attended, and it has been one of my favorites since. Hearing this song live again was so exhilarating.  

Following this portion, the band performed a few songs from their latest album and then began their set of songs from their ‘A Little Bit Longer.’ My favorite song from this set was ‘Burnin Up.’ The band added special effects to this performance by having fire shoot up beside them on the stage. This added such dimension to this song’s performance.  

Next was ‘Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.” I also was unfamiliar with this album as I was only a toddler when it came out, but I still knew some of the songs. Hearing ‘Fly with Me’ was such a fun experience. I had never heard this song live before and it was better than the recorded track.  

Prior to playing songs from their ‘Happiness Begins’ album, Joe and Nick took the stage alone to sing some of their hits. Joe sang ‘Cake by the Ocean,’ one of his hits with DNCE, and Nick sang ‘Jealous.’ 

To close off the show, the band sang songs from their 2019 hit album, ‘Happiness Begins.’ This is my favorite Jonas Brothers album and I listened to it all throughout middle school and the quarantine period of the pandemic. It brought me joy during some difficult times I had. Hearing these songs live again brought me immense joy. My sister, who attended the concert with me, also adored this album. We belted our favorite songs together and danced the night away. Hearing ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘Strangers’ again was uplifting. We jumped and danced with the crowd and the band. It was a fantastic way to close off the show.  

Overall, the show was great, and I will remember it forever. I wish I knew more of the songs from the earlier albums, but it was still pleasant to listen to unknown tracks. The concert was extremely enjoyable, and I hope to see the Jonas Brothers live again soon.  

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Sydney Appleton, Online Editor In Chief

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney and this is my third year on staff. I am this year's Online Editor In Chief. I love to play piano, write, and spend time with my friends and family. This summer I attended the School of the New York Times to study Journalism. I can’t wait for a great year! 

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