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The Final Quarter: A Bittersweet End for Senior Football

Bella Johnson
The Plant Football Team has their last game of the season on Oct. 26th. The seniors on the team prepare for their last home game of the season.

Every sport at Plant has seniors on the team and every single one is approaching a very dreaded day for many, their last days on the team. 

Football, one of the most popular sports at Plant, is approaching its last home game on Oct. 27th and its senior night, celebrating the players and their commitment to the sport. 

One of these said seniors is James Marshall, a wide receiver on the team. 

“Football has been my favorite sport since I was a little kid,” Marshall said. “I played my entire life and I watch every college and NFL game every week. I love being able to play the sport I love to watch, and I am on such a good team it really makes me so happy to be a part of.” 

The football team is considered by many both on and off the field a tight-knit group of kids as well as coaches. Many of the seniors have been on the team since freshman year and have known the coaches for almost four years. 

“My favorite part of the team has got to be playing in home games,” punter, Maddox Cowart, said. “I’m definitely going to miss all of my friends when I graduate but I plan on playing in college so I’m not letting go of the sport just yet.” 

The reality of high school ending is a hard one for many to grasp, but many seniors have bigger and brighter futures heading towards them, college. Some are attending to receive a degree, whereas others are also planning to play the game whether for a club team or the actual team. 

“I definitely plan on planning in college,” special treats kicker, Camilo Nanfra, stated. “I will miss laughing with all of the guys in the locker room. I’ve had good times with the guys.” 

Though many seniors are saddened by the upcoming end of their high school football career, many are excited for the memories and bonding with the team.  

“Even though I’ll miss the sport a lot, I will definitely miss the guys the most,” Marshall said. “The team brought me so many opportunities in high school and I will forever be grateful for the memories and laughs I’ve had with everyone.” 

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