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Eras Tour Movie Review

Giada Moralejo
The first leg of the Eras came to a close but Taylor swift kept the excitement going. The release of “The Eras Tour: The Movie” was an unexpected way the fans got to see the tour once again. Photo: @taylorswift on Instagram

As the highly popular Eras Tour comes to a pause with the end of the first leg of the U.S. tour, Taylor Swift announced on Aug. 31 that she would be releasing “The Eras Tour: The Movie” on Oct. 13.

Without much explanation of what the movie would entail, I went in expecting exactly what I got: the entire concert from the comfort of the movie theater. The entirety of the film was two hours and 49 minutes, just short of the concert’s actual time, which was just over three hours and 15 minutes.

At the beginning of each era, there was a graphic added to name the era that was about to take place. The close shots with the camera gave a different look at a show many had already seen in person. I went to the Eras Tour twice during the time she spent in Tampa and was completely enthralled throughout the entire duration of the movie. The filming mostly took place during the last night of the tour in Los Angeles, but a few clips were borrowed from other nights of the tour.

For those who have been following the tour know that in between the 1989 era and the Midnight’s era she performs two surprise songs that vary from night to night. For the movie, she included “Our Song” from her debut album, and “You’re on Your Own Kid” from her most recent album Midnights.

When the film ended and the credits started to roll, there were pictures displayed from fans in attendance throughout the entire tour. In credit to the friendship bracelet passing that started during the tour, the final thing displayed was a page that said “Thank you to the most generous thoughtful loving fans on the planet. This is all because of you and for you,” written to look like a friendship bracelet.

While my specific theater was not loud, I have heard of other shows that had people singing and dancing along. People sang and clapped, but for the most part, everyone stayed calmly in their seats. While it wasn’t The Eras Tour, it was still amazing. You could see the excitement of everyone in the theater to get to see Taylor Swift on the big screen. People dressed up in all different ways; some came dressed as if they were going to the concert, and others were wearing merchandise they got at the concert.

Overall, the whole experience of the film was exceptional. There was almost half of the movie theater blocked off for showings of the movie. At the front they gave everyone a free 8×10 poster as well as having some merchandise for sale; there were popcorn buckets, a cup, and a tote bag. Just like anything to do with Taylor Swift the devoted fans showed up with about $100 million dollars made within the first week.

To buy tickets to see the movie, click the link below.

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