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Another Taylor Swift Album? Nine Reasons to Listen to 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

Stella Griggs
Taylor Swift released her new album on Oct. 27. The album included five vault tracks, elaborating further on the singer/songwriter’s emotions during the time of the original album release.          

Taylor Swift, the music industry’s newest billionaire, re-released one of her most popular albums on Oct. 27 and now wholly owns her first pop album, 1989. For some background information, Taylor attempted to buy her music from Scooter Braun so that she would become the sole owner, but Braun decided to sell Taylor’s music to another buyer. In reaction, Taylor went to court and petitioned to rerecord her first six albums to become the complete owner. This album contains five previously unreleased vault tracks and a re-recorded version of “Bad Blood,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, nearly breaking the internet. With Taylor’s voice maturing over the years, the songs in 1989 display how Taylor has grown. Her voice isn’t as strong in some songs, insinuating that the bitterness and hard feelings are no longer present in certain songs. In this article, I will rank my 1989 (Taylor’s Version) songs that deserve to be listened to from the 22-track album. 


#1 “Bad Blood,” Featuring Kendrick Lamar 

When Taylor dropped the deluxe version of 1989 (TV) containing a newly recorded version of this song, Swifties were stunned. This song talks about the rivalry between two people who used to be friends and how that friendship was ruined. For anyone who has had a challenging experience with others and has gone through a divided friendship, this song might be for you. 


#2 “This Love” 

This song is one of my personal favorites because it has always emphasized how strong Taylor’s voice is. Her artistry and songwriting are so creative, and she displays it in “This Love.” There are little background vocals that let the listener focus on the lyrics about the fear of love and how, if the love you have with someone is strong enough, you can overcome the distress and focus on the affection you have with someone. 


#3 “New Romantics” 

I never felt too strongly about ‘New Romantics” until I listened to the lyrics and didn’t focus on the background. I learned that the song was about making the best out of what you were given and not taking anything for granted. Being assertive and fighting for what you want can instill self-confidence in a person, and Taylor’s lyrics have always done that for me. 


#4 “All You Had to Do Was Stay” 

For those who adored the original 1989 album and were skeptical about Taylor’s version, this song is for you. This track had minimal change, but when singing it, Taylor kept the same emotion behind it as in the original.

#5 “Is It Over Now?” 

This vault track has already become a fan-favorite, and it talks about the complexities of cheating from both sides in a dying relationship. For those who have been cheated on, this song can be relatable because of the classic anger at someone breaking your trust and a relationship ending over it. 


#6 “Wildest Dreams” 

One of the original favorites from 1989, this track focuses solely on Taylor’s voice, but the minimal background is still incredible, showing artistic variety. I recommend “Wildest Dreams” because it is a Taylor Swift classic. 


#7 “You Are In Love” 

Another personal favorite of mine, this song is a story of someone who is learning about love. Finding out about the feelings that correspond with love and the confusion of being in love are all expressed in this track. 


#8 “Wonderland” 

This track was a loved song from the moment it was released. This song talks about the journey of looking for love that leads to the captivating affection that people have for one another. 


#9 “Say Don’t Go” 

When this vault track was released, it was a hit on all platforms. It is about being left alone by someone and waiting for someone who isn’t coming for you. This song could seem personal to someone who doesn’t want to be alone and wants to be with others. 


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