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Bouncing Into Basketball Season with Special Olympics

Bella Johnson
Special Olympics athlete, Daniel, shoots during the first basketball season practice of the year for Special Olympics. The team hopes to have a promising and fulfilling season like the previous one.

One of the biggest and most well-known clubs at Plant is Special Olympics, a club dedicated to increasing diversity within the Plant community through sports. Both athletes and partners look forward to Monday practices every week. 

Starting Nov. 13th, the winter season starts and that means… basketball! A fun and energetic sport for club members, the season last for about two months and is a favorite among the Plant High School students. 

President, Neil Diasti, says that basketball is one of his favorite sports that the club participates in. Diasti’s knows that the athletes enjoy this season the most so this is his favorite time of the year. 

“I really enjoy seeing the athletes and partners play every sport, but I enjoy basketball season more than others,” Diasti said. “The season is a fun change from our other sports, but everyone really enjoys it.” 

The season last year was hosted at Corona Park, close to Plant and was a change of scenery for the club.  

Junior, Mateo Medina, has been a part of the club since freshman year and has expressed how much he enjoys basketball season. 

“My favorite part of basketball season is playing with the kids and being able to see them succeed and score points,” Medina said. “I am very excited for the season because it is my personal favorite to be a part of in the club.”
The mission of the Special Olympics club both nationally and at Plant is to increase inclusion and have fun while doing so. The club has grown and become an important part of many students lives. One of these students is Elisa Cabrera, who joined the club this past football season. 

“I like that the club is right after school, so it isn’t hard to get to or anything,” Cabrera said. “The club also makes me feel very productive and it is great club here at Plant.” 

Below is the Special Olympics website that updates on all national and international news involving the clubs across the globe. 


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