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Ranking the PHS News Online Managing Editor In Chief’s Spotify Playlists

Sydney Appleton
Everyone has a specific taste in music that is unique to them. Whether someone is a Rock and Roll fanatic or a Hip Hop enthusiast, there is a place in music for everyone and we can all find our genre of preference. Senior Giada Moralejo, who has been a member of the PHS News staff for three years and is one of this year’s Editor in Chiefs, often builds unique, eclectic Spotify Playlists that showcase countless types of music and artists. Scroll to learn more about her playlists from her best friend and Co Editor in Chiefs perspective.

The PHS News Online Managing Editor in Chief, Giada Moralejo, has worked extremely hard for the publication for the last three years. Whether it’s creating articles, helping peers with assignments, or creating a lively classroom environment, she certainly plays a critical role on the staff. However, her work for the newspaper is not her only talent. Creating elaborate, eclectic Spotify Playlists is one of Giada’s favorite hobbies and she certainly knows how to do it.

I have worked with Giada on the Newspaper staff for three years and we have been best friends for six years. On one of our weekly hangouts where we run errands, get our nails done, and partake in typical teenage girl activities, I realized I was always asking Giada to play one of her Spotify Playlists. Regardless of what activity we were participating in, I always made sure that Giada’s phone was connected to the speaker. As I had this epiphany, I told Giada that I really appreciate her unique playlists and we both had the idea that I should rank her playlists.

Although she has many, the main ones she plays when we are together are titled Bink, Middle School Boy Jams, Carpool Karaoke, It’s 2010 and My Mom Gave Me Aux, Masterpieces, and Bruno. Each playlist has its own individual twist, highlighting all of Giada’s favorite artists and genres of music.

In sixth place is Bink. This 12-hour long playlist has absolutely every artist and genre of music that you can imagine. It covers rap songs by Drake, as well as tunes from hit Disney movies. Having such a wide variety of songs in a playlist in such a large amount is perfect for a road trip, a long flight, or a party. Giada and I have so many memories listening to this playlist, as it is what she always played in her old car, which everyone called Bink. That is where the name originated from. Despite the many fantastic listening options that this playlist gives, I feel like I never get to fully experience the playlist because of how long it is.

In fifth place is Bruno. This playlist contains all of Giada’s favorite Bruno Mars songs. This is the perfect playlist to listen to in the car before fun events to get energized as most of the tunes on this list are upbeat and lively. My favorite tracks from Bruno are Perm, Please Me, and Marry You. This playlist is fantastic and perfect for listening to just one artist, but I typically like to have a variety of artists.

In fourth place is Middle School Boy Jams. This playlist is exactly what the name is: songs that middle school boys would listen to. It consists of many rap songs by artists like J. Cole, Kanye West, and 21 Savage. I love listening to almost all the songs on this list, but there are several I do not know well. This playlist would be great to play at parties or while working out.

In third place is Masterpieces. This playlist has so many great songs of all different genres. Featured are artists such as Taylor Swift, Conan Gray, Olivia Rodrigo, and more. Truly, these songs and the artists that wrote them are masterpieces. This playlist has some amazing songs, but I am unfamiliar with a few of the tracks.

In second place is It’s 2010 and My Mom Gave Me Aux. If I ever miss the early 2000s, I will sprint to this playlist. It is incredibly nostalgic, consisting of some of my favorite songs from 2010 and the surrounding years. Tracks from Kesha, Selena Gomez, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and many more, make my younger self thrilled. I remember listening to some of these songs as a young girl on my iPod touch. The nostalgia this playlist offers, along with its incredible music, makes this playlist everything.

In first place is Carpool Karaoke. This five-hour playlist covers some of my favorite songs of all time. All by incredible artists. One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Billy Joel all have spaces on this list. If I ever need to listen to my favorite songs without looking too hard, I can go to this playlist. Giada and I listen to this playlist while driving around Tampa. Some of our best memories as friends happened while these songs were playing in the background.

Overall, Giada’s talent and hobby of creating one-of-a-kind playlists has served her well. She will now always have wonderful music to listen to whenever she pleases. And she shares that joy with her friends, like me, who use these playlists often. If it weren’t for Giada, I wouldn’t even have a Spotify account. Listening to these amazing playlists will always put a smile on my face.

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Sydney Appleton
Sydney Appleton, Online Editor In Chief

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney and this is my third year on staff. I am this year's Online Editor In Chief. I love to play piano, write, and spend time with my friends and family. This summer I attended the School of the New York Times to study Journalism. I can’t wait for a great year! 

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