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Dagny Sammis Embarks on a New Journey: Her Commitment to the University of Massachusetts Women’s Crew

Dagny Sammis
Senior, Dagny Sammis, poses with her University of Massachusetts shirt. After a long and detailed recruitment process, Sammis finally committed to a school to continue her athletic and academic career.

Plant High School crew member, Dagny Sammis, recently committed to University of Massachusetts Women’s Crew team to continue her athletic career in rowing. Sammis talked with many coaches, and after careful consideration, she signed with the University of Massachusetts and is looking forward to becoming a valuable asset for the team.

Unlike many athletes, Sammis did not row her entire life. Rather, she tested her athletic abilities in swimming and other sports, but nothing stuck up as rowing did.

“Starting rowing my sophomore year, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, and as I did a month-long camp over summer where we rowed twice a day with girls from all over the country. Leading into my junior year, I realized that I wanted to do this in college, and I started my recruitment process at the beginning of my junior year- emailing a bunch of schools, talking to programs, having phone calls with coaches, I did majority of the initial process on my own, but I had help from my coaches at Plant High Rowing and my parents were a big part of it too,” Sammis said.

Sammis explained how through the recruitment process, she stayed independent and that led to her seeing positive developments in herself.

“Through rowing, I have grown a lot of confidence in myself, before I was not as good at communicating with adults, I was not good at communicating my needs, and I think through having such a supportive team, and through the recruiting process having to talk with all of these different schools and having to establish relationships with coaches, I think I became much better at advocating for myself,” Sammis said.

After her studies at the University of Massachusetts, Sammis is planning on majoring in biology, and work in the research field. However, she is also curious as to where this sport will take her, and if she feels trained well-enough, she dreams of being part of the Under 23 World Championships.

But being a current student athlete is not an easy job, but Sammis has expressed gratitude to have made such close connections and this deep passion.

“Becoming a student athlete in 10th grade was hard- especially because not many people understand rowing. Even I, before joining the team, was not familiar with the sport nor how much physical and mental endurance it required. It has taken up allot of my time- we practice 6 times a week. In terms of there recruitment process, it was even more challenging because I’d come home from practice throughout my junior year, when most of my recruiting process was done, and I have calls with colleges and then homework. And while it was truly stressful and overwhelming, I was determined towards my goals and was able to find a good balance,” Sammis said.

And as rowing is such a team sport, Sammis has made great and deep bonds with her teammates and coaches. When talking about her favorite rowing memory, a smile shone across her face as she remembered her first regatta and the victory that put into perspective her love for this sport.

“I am very lucky, I think all the girls at the Plant High Rowing Team are amazing and work really hard, and a good work ethic, and they are all my best friends, so I have a super supportive environment. Our head coach, Coach Mike, has been coaching for over 20 years, and he has been a great support system to have, and then Coach Lora was my coach my sophomore and junior year, but she was a big part in my recruiting process, doing recommendations for me. Overall we have a great team and I am beyond grateful for every single one of the members that compose this family,” Sammis said.

She also gives a special thanks to her parents, who have been a major support system, and she looks up to them in relation to this new chapter in her life.

“My parents are my role models. My mom worked her way up from not having the best circumstances, and seeing both of my parents start their own business and work incredibly hard has inspired me to try to attain that.”

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