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FSU Not in CFP: A Travesty or Triumph?

Bella Johnson
Many Florida State University (FSU) expressed their anger with the recent College Football Playoff Committee’s decision to leave the team out of the CFP Finals. However, some throughout Plant support the committee’s decision to omit the team this season.

College football. The sport that some love so much it takes up every Saturday from August to January, in which the College Football Playoff Finals are played. This year the rankings were announced on Dec. 3rd and were as such: 

  1. Michigan 
  2. Washington 
  3. Texas 
  4. Alabama 

But many Plant students feel that one team should have been included in the top four, Florida State University (FSU). 

“I am very upset, and I don’t support the decision made by the College Football Committee,” junior Saylor Beaumont said. “They should have held the fourth spot in the playoffs over Alabama and Georgia shouldn’t have been dropped down so much.” 

English teacher, Mr. Daniel Keen, also shares this sentiment. “I understand why the committee did what they did but they are telling a bunch of college kids that they played the whole season for nothing,” Keen said. “They are basically saying the entire team is worth one player and the fact that he isn’t there makes everyone worthless.” 

Some students feel the opposite, saying that FSU didn’t deserve the fourth spot in the playoffs. 

“I think they had a pretty fluff schedule,” junior Liv Lambert said. “I mean they didn’t have to play super hard teams, so it isn’t that hard to be an undefeated team.” 

Fellow student, Bo Allen, shares the same feelings as Lambert. “They didn’t really deserve the right to be in the playoff,” Allen said. “If they had Jordan Travis (FSU’s starting quarterback who is out for the season due to a fractured leg) they should have undeniably been in the playoff. But the fact that he is injured definitely does take away from their overall performance.” 

Below is the currently top-six rankings from the 2023-2024 College Football Playoff Committee. 



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Bella Johnson, Sports Editor

Hey there, my name is Bella! I am the sports editor of the newspaper and this is my second year on staff! I am an avid shopaholic who loves some sports, especially football and baseball. Catch me on the sidelines!

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