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Five Cozy Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

Stella Griggs
Many movies throughout different periods in history show the Christmas spirit. Read about five favorites in the article.

The first of December is finally here, officially starting the holiday season. Many festive movies are available on many platforms and streaming services leading up to the winter holidays. As a fan of both classic Christmas movies and some new ones, I am ranking my five favorite Christmas movies. I love watching these movies when I want to relax or get a good laugh. These family-friendly films make me want to curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. 

#1 How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) 

First off, we have this Christmas classic. The movie, adapted from Dr. Suess’s famous book, is only 26 minutes long. This is the original film, and it brings my family and I so much joy when we watch it. The story of a young girl growing a Grinch’s heart because of her kindness, laughter, and love truly brings the holiday spirit to all. The movie is available to watch on the Peacock Streaming Service now. 

#2 Home Alone (1990) 

Next on the list is Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin. This live-action film is hilarious, displaying the story of a child left home alone by his entire family over winter break. Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles left poor Kevin at home alone while they went on vacation. This movie makes for an easy, comfortable laugh with loved ones. This film can be streamed on Disney+ this season. 

#3 A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) 

This Christmas movie is a necessity in my household. Every year, my family watches this classic masterpiece together. The film holds a lot of nostalgia because it is my first Christmas movie. My mom introduced me to A Charlie Brown Christmas, and I have never wanted to part with it. My family owns it on DVD, but it is available on Apple TV with a subscription for those who want to watch it online. 

#4 Elf (2003) 

Starring Will Ferrell, this early-2000 Christmas fan-favorite is a love story, but it also contains a reality check, with the encouragement to believe in Santa Claus. It teaches that someone can always find their way from naughty to nice lists. The film also teaches viewers that everyone deserves love. Elf may sound like a sappy romantic movie, but it also has a large amount of comedy, but then again, so do most films that include Will Ferrell. Elf is available to watch on Hulu and Max with subscriptions. 

#5 Frosty the Snowman (1969) 

Frosty the Snowman is the movie on my list that includes the most magic. Frosty is a family-friendly animated film that is only 22 minutes long. It displays a united community and how anyone can be a friend. Frosty is a sweet, heartfelt character who deserves the best in the world. This movie is very sentimental because I have been watching it every year since I can remember. Frosty the Snowman is only available to buy online currently.

 You can watch the movies at the links below. 



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