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2024 Ins and Outs

Emily Mangione
2024 is a fresh start for everyone to make this year filled with joy and happiness. Keep reading for my predictions of what will be in and out of style this year.

2024 is officially here, and it’s time to leave behind the negatives of the past year to start fresh and make this year the best one yet. Since 2023 is over, I believe specific trends will be in style for 2024, and certain activities will be out this year. The list will consist of relationship predictions, fashion trends, social interactions, and more assumptions about how the year will unfold. 



Less posting of everything: People will stop posting everything they do on social media and instead post fewer and more meaningful posts about what they have been up to.  

Getting ready– Since the pandemic has been over for a couple of years, it’s time to stop showing up in pajamas and get ready in the morning. People have gotten too comfortable and will start putting on cute outfits for the day ahead. 

Being more focused on goals- This year, people will be more motivated to accomplish their aspirations and stay on the right track. Partying and going out have been very popular recently, especially for young adults. In my opinion, 2024 will see a decrease in crazy nights out and an increase in relaxing nights with close friends. 

Staying hydrated- Last year was filled with people purchasing fancy new water bottles, so it makes sense that 2024 will be the year everyone stays hydrated. Carrying a water bottle around with you is now a social norm.  

Home cooking instead of takeout– 2024 is the year everyone learns to cook. In the last few years, people have become too comfortable with ordering excessive takeout. People will realize that cooking for themselves is healthier and will save them significant money. 

Timeless pieces– Every year, there are different jewelry trends, and this year, we might see popularity in wearing antique and timeless pieces.  



Toxic people- 2024 should be a year filled with fun and as much happiness as possible. If certain people in your life bring you down, make you feel less about yourself, and do not make you happy, this is the year you cut them out of your life. 

Lulu Lemon– Even though Lulu Lemon has been very popular in the last few years, in 2024, other brands will start becoming the leading store for activewear.  

Long, bright nails– 2024 is the year of elegant and short nails. Long acrylic nails are inconvenient for day-to-day life and look unnatural. People will realize that shorter nails make you look more put together and are easier to maintain. 

Kendra Scott- Kendra Scott was another popular store two years ago. People in high school and older are starting to outgrow the jewelry brand and find other places that fit their style more. 

Spray tans– People will begin to embrace their natural skin tone this year! Getting a spray tan is such a hassle, mainly because it usually does not turn out how you want it to look. There is nothing wrong with pale skin; it looks better than unnatural. 

Money pieces– Money pieces are when the rest of your hair is darker, but the two pieces in the front are very light. It makes your hair stand out and look like you got it dyed, and it is not your natural color. Light money pieces blend in nicely, but when the color is too bright, it ruins the look. 

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About the Contributor
Emily Mangione, Coverage Editor

Hi!! My name is Emily Mangione and I am Coverage Editor. I am a senior and so excited to start my third year in newspaper! I love traveling, going shopping, and reading. I can’t wait to continue writing articles for everyone to read this year:)

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