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“Motion to close debate!” GatorMUN 2024 Overview

Joshua Marr
Posing by the entrance of the University of Florida, the Plant MUN team concluded their annual GATORMUN conference. On Jan. 19-21, the Plant MUN team made their way up to Gainesville to take this after-school Thursday activity above and beyond.

On Jan. 19-21, the Plant MUN team made their way up to the University of Florida in Gainesville to participate in the annual GatorMUN conference. MUN, abbreviated for Model United Nations, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the function of the United Nations. For the weekend, students become delegates in importan

t international forums addressing complex global issues such as preventing the spread of diseases, defending human rights, and upholding justice in the international system.  

GatorMUN is staffed by college student volunteers, which gives participants an insight on how college MUN works, and practice for those aspiring to participate in it after high school.   

“MUN is a great club to expand your horizons, and allow you to see the differences that occur not just in the world, but also be

ing able to get along with other people,” Kimberly Marr, the club sponsor, said.   

For the conference, students had to write position papers, which are required in every General Assembly Committee. There is an award for Best Position Paper in those committees, which have to be structured and written in regards to the assigned countries point of view on the issue.   

After submitting their position papers and making their way up to Gainesville, the Pant MUN delegates began their weekend committee sessions. Wearing Western Business Attire through

out every committee session, students practiced their public and exprontu speaking, foreign affairs, and cooperation skills. 

“The Gator MUN conference was a really fulfilling experience for everyone- we got to have some MUN practice, and really got to have a feel on what going to conference and competing was all about,” MUN President, Ansley Gonzalez said.  

Friday, Jan. 19, began with an opening ceremony, and then the first Committee Session, lasting 3 hours. 

“At the GatorMUN conference, I really have worked on my public speaking skills and being comfortable with talking to the audience and people around me. It was very helpful to also work with the board members of the club by brainstorming ideas that could help us succeed. Another big skill that helped me to excel at the conference was learning how to do proper research and looking at time frames, sources,” junior Haley Ruttle said.  

The next day, from early morning, students went back to the Reitz Union and attended three Committee Sessions, totaling nearly

nine hours, to write resolution papers and discuss the ultimate decision on how to approach the issue.   

On Sunday, the last Committee session was attended, following a closing ceremony, where Ruttle won an award on being an Outstanding Delegate, and Charles Tufenkji got a verbal commendation.  

“This was such an amazing experience, and being the first person to win this award feels monumental as well as proud and rewarding that all the hard work I put in this conference paid off,” Ruttle said. 

And after returning to Tampa and getting back on track wi

th the daily routine, it is time to reflect and set future goals.   

“Next year, I look forward to getting more people involved in conferences and really enjoy this part of Model UN. As lovely as the meetings are, the biggest portion of this involvement is how you feel after a successful conference and I want more members to experience t

hat,” Ruttle said.  


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