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Lights, Camera, Action: Class of 2024 Works Through Filming This Year’s Senior Video

Cate Franks
Seniors Taytum Ayers and Parker Newkirk pose for the camera in their TV Production class. The two students have worked as actors in this years senior video.

Each year, graduating seniors and TV Production students rally together to assemble a work of art that has become an annual tradition, the senior video. As Plant Panthers make their way through high school, they eagerly look forward to the time when they can finally participate in the popular tradition. The video typically features seniors from various sports, clubs, and classes, displaying the uniqueness of that year’s graduating class.

On Aug. 10, 2023, the several-month project began as students returned to campus for the 2023-24 school year. Since then, Panthers of all different grade levels have had front-row seats to the birth of the Back to the Future-themed video, watching TV Production film seniors at school events and even outside of academic life, recording clips of the video at popular Tampa spots.

Senior Arseima Negash acted in the video with her friend group, taking part in the 70s Rock-themed section.

“We filmed our part in the gym with cool lighting and a smoke machine,” Negash said. “Our group lip-synced to a song. It was just a funny lip-syncing video with such cool videography.”

Creating such an elaborate, unique video with students who are constantly busy with studying, extracurriculars, and college applications, is neither simple nor easy. Having students in the video who also are TV Production students minimized some issues as these students knew what to expect and had experience working under pressure with involved students.

Senior Sasha Brown stepped in front of the camera, switching things up from her usual role as a videographer. She played a part in clips of the video while simultaneously organizing filming locations and arranging times to record.

“The hardest part is planning to match everyone’s schedules,” Brown said. “My group had Cate Franks, Parker Newkirk, Ava Green, Cassidy Masters, Grace Socher, Tatum Ayers, and Blair Little. We made music videos, filming on the football field, the school parking lot, and other areas around Tampa.”

Although countless students, and even staff members, put forth immense effort to make the senior video an incredible piece, many students say that it would not have been possible without the main producer. Cate Franks, a TV Production student, and actor in the video, became the film’s producer. Her experiences in the class set her up for success in the producer role.

“Having all the seniors involved with the senior video was my main goal,” Franks said. “My favorite part of filming is seeing everyone come out of their shell and commit to the scenes in the video.”

In May, the video will be completed and available for all students to view on Plant’s TV Production’s Youtube Channel. For more updates, visit the the classes social media platforms below.

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