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Roll Tide, Panthers: Bama’s Kalen DeBoer Drops in on Plant

Lucas Howes
Kalen DeBoer, the recently confirmed University of Alabama head coach, paid Plant a visit on Feb. 1 during third and fourth period. DeBoer was talking to potential recruit, junior Waltez Clark, who had Univeristy of Georgia’s head coach, Kirby Smart, visit last Thursday.

After University of Georgia (UGA) head coach, Kirby Smart, came to see potential recruits at Plant, another well-known visitor came to stop by. Dad’s Stadium had special visitor, Kalen DeBoer, recent-head coach of the 2024 College Football Playoff (CFP) participant, the Washington Huskies, and newly announced University of Alabama (UA) head-coach, land a week after Smart’s visit. 

DeBoer’s record as a coach currently is at 104-12, a record that is one to turn one’s head across all football levels, not just college football. He started his coaching career as the school’s offensive coordinator at the University of Sioux Falls, his alma mater. He had a 23-2 with the Huskies, being a contributing factor to his success and appearance at the CFP this year. 

“I thought it was super interesting how coaches are coming to Plant left and right like Kalen DeBoer and Kirby Smart,” sophomore Stella Griggs said about the coach. “I am excited to see who comes next and when that will be.” 

DeBoer arrived along with his staff during third period on Feb. 1 and caused quite the scene when his helicopter landed abruptly in Dad’s Stadium. Many students and staff rushed to the field to see what the commotion was, one of the said students was senior Peyton McCoy. 

“It was really surreal seeing the new head coach of Alabama land on the field of my school so soon after Smart visited,” McCoy said. “I had no idea this was happening, and I have been an Alabama fan my whole life. It was very cool to see one of my favorite college teams land in my hometown.” 

Many faculty members at Plant feel very honored to represent a school receiving attention from such big-time coaches. One of these staff members sharing this sentiment is Charles Morris, Assistant Principal of Curriculum. 

“I would say it is a great honor to have such coaches visiting our school and it says a lot about our student athletes,” Morris said. “The most impressive and important thing for our athletes is they not only have the talent, but they have the grades. We wouldn’t have these big coaches looking at our school if it wasn’t for the effort they all out in, on and off the field.”  

DeBoer came to visit junior, Waltez Clark, who primarily plays running back for Plant’s Varsity Football team and has many colleges interested in his talent, including UGA’s (Kirby) Smart last week. Clark currently has 36 offers from various colleges, both Alabama and Georgia currently being on his offer list. 

“It was a super cool visit,” Clark said about DeBoer. “It was a great experience and a great meeting with the Bama coaches and staff.”

DeBoer began lifting off of the 50-yard line during fourth period. The Plant population listened as the sound of helicopter wing beats became softer and softer until DeBoer and his football staff faded into the horizon. 


The Alabama staff made a pit stop at Plant on Feb. 1. The staff landed on the 50-yard line of Dad’s Stadium during third period.
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