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Title 42 Act

New York has always been known as the “Sanctuary city,” attracting many immigrants. However, recently the Big Apple has been struggling to keep up with the massive waves of new immigrants, pushing it into a state of over population. Continue reading to learn more about the issue.

Turmoil in the Big Apple has risen as New York struggles to combat the mass migration crisis sweeping America. In 2023 alone, NY let in over 95,000 migrants, pushing them into a state of overpopulation. To put into perspective how much this is since Tile 42 was lifted, New York has let in nearly double as many immigrants as other high-migration states. For the exact numbers you can find them at State Demographics Data | .

What is The Tile 42 Act?

Commonly known as Tile 42, the Public Health Act dates back to 1944, which granted US authorities emergency powers to prevent the spread of diseases. In March 2020, the Trump administration invoked the statute, citing the need to stop the spread of Covid-19 across its borders.The Tile 42 Act is only supposed to be activated in a crisis implying that our current state of being is normal.

For starters, despite common belief, we are not letting anyone new into the country; in contrast, they are already here. Although the COVID-19 pandemic halted many businesses, it did not stop illegal immigration, and with the government’s attention turned away from its borders with the new pandemic, it was prime time to sneak in. Once apprehended, many migrants pursue asylum claims and are issued an NTA.

For context, asylum claims are a form of legal protection that host countries grant to migrants who are forcibly displaced or fleeing harm. Upon claiming asylum, they are given an NTA (Notice to Appear) before an immigration court, where it’s decided whether they can stay.

As for why we are not sending them back, many people are concerned over whether it is morally ok to uproot their lives in America and deport them, despite living here for years undistributed. Kathy Hochul, an exhausted New York Gov., says the city cannot handle any more migrants, claiming the Big Apple is “at capacity,” and, “We have to let people know that if you’re thinking of coming to New York, we are truly out of space.”

On the other hand, you’d assume that an increase in population would lead to a rise in the state’s income. However, this theory relies on the skill level of the immigrants, which, in this instance, could be higher.

With waves of new people entering the state, New York has attempted to support the new immigrants at the expense of its citizens, using tax paper money to accommodate new residents. This has made the already struggling city’s budget even thinner.

Despite the bleak situation, the New York City government claims the new immigrants will eventually help bolster the state’s economy and that the increased population will not lead to a shortage of jobs. Now, whether this is true or not is still being determined; we’ll have to wait and see whether the state’s questionable decisions will be their downfall or saving grace

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