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Bachelor Blog: Episode 9

It is that time of the year again! The Bachelor is back every Monday night with episodes filled with drama, new connections, heartbreak, and, most importantly, love.

Since the engagement is in two weeks, Joey struggles to decide which of the final three women he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Kelsey A., Daisy, and Rachel are still fighting to become Joey’s ultimate love. This episode is a monumental milestone because, at the end of the date, Joey and one of the finalists get to spend the night together and get to know one another better without the cameras documenting their every move.

Before Rachel’s date with Joey, Susan, one of the women from last season’s Golden Bachelor, comes to speak with Rachel and calm her nerves since the finale is rapidly approaching. Susan told Rachel not to let the bad memories of past relationships get in the way of her future with Joey.

Joey spent the first date with Rachel, and their relationship took a significant leap of faith. The couple then jumped off platforms into the glistening waters of Mexico. Each jump increased in height until Rachel jumped off and landed on her jaw when she hit the water. She ended up being unable to move her mouth and was taken to the hospital. Rachel’s jaw ended up not being broken, and she felt better later that night, but her day with Joey in her mind was ruined. Since she did not have to stay at the hospital, Rachel and Joey had a romantic dinner together, and she was awarded the key to the Fantasy Suite.

The next date was with Kelsey, but before she went off to meet Joey, Kelsey met up with another Golden Bachelor woman, but this time it was Leslie. The advice Leslie gave Kelsey ended up backfiring on her because Leslie told Kelsey not to get her hopes up too much, so if Joey did not choose Kelsey, she would not be as heartbroken. This advice got into Kelsey’s head and made her feel more self-conscious about her relationship with Joey.

For Joey and Kelsey’s date, they spent the day on a boat, where the couple dived into the ocean and swam with unique creatures. On the boat ride, Kelsey and Joey talked about her not wanting to leave New Orleans, how they never want the day to end when they are together, and how much they are falling in love. The couple ended the night by sleeping in the Fantasy Suite and cooking a romantic breakfast for themselves the following morning. Daisy is the final date before the rose ceremony, during which one of the women will be sent home. Before her date with Joey, Daisy talks with another Golden Bachelor lady. Still, this time, Sandra advises Daisy not to worry about Joey’s connection with the other women and focus on her relationship with him.

Joey took Daisy four-wheeling through the trees and explored the beauty of Mexico. After an adrenaline-filled day, the couple finished the night off with a romantic dinner, during which they both communicated that they were falling in love. By the end of dinner, Joey invited Daisy to spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite.

While Joey was spending his day with Daisy, Kelsey was going through a mental spiral over what Leslie told her about, keeping in mind that Joey might not pick her up at the end of all this. Kelsey left Joey a letter at his hotel door saying they needed to talk. The show left this on a cliffhanger, and Joey and Kelsey’s conversation will be aired in the next episode.

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